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The only thing that can stop one from being what he ought 2 be in life is, "Not Determining" b/c neither economic situation nor family background can stop you, it just 4 u 2 determine by working 2wards what u want 2 be, then you becomes it authomatically.

my name is Pastor Abrahams. Losing "FOCUS" from whatever one is doing or not being "CONSISTENT" This two words are elaborate and very great in the lives of every individuals. To be focused is to stay put and concentrate on whatever one is doing, not giving any chance to any side talk or distraction. Consistency on the other hand is the sole of success. Never try to jump into B's practice because you think he/she's do so well there than you are in yours. Remain determined, read about people who made it in your field of practice too, learn their experiences, think of more strategies and only believe you'ld do better than they. So, not being FOCUSED and CONSISTENT, can actually stop one from being who one should be and from also making it.
Always Real...
Every1 dat must score a goal must av arranged his leg-moves for his successful striking of d ball in2 d goal withut d keeper being able 2 stop d ball. U are d player avin a goal or aim u must achieve in life d keeper signifies hinderances u must avoid...
Ur well arranged leg-moves signifies courageousness, focus, consistency n hope: If u dnt bliev in hope, bliev in focus.If u dnt believe u will win,u will fail then. D main thin dat can stop u frm being wu u ought 2 b is wen u loose focus, u loose ur value
The only tin dat can stop1 from becomin wat he wants 2 b is lack of self confidence and no determinatn.
Well am Sir Phil and I believe in the saying, ''Destiny cannot be denied, it can only be delayed''. I think whatever we accomplish  in life is our destiny. Yeah, I think so!
Spottykay Publisher
to me even a wife at a small age stop you
Spottykay I disagree with you on this, maybe you simply lost focus. Remember, the key word here is determination. If you are determined, you would avoid anything that will serve as a distraction to you.
Spottykay Publisher
yap u re right

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