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It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2.
Made popular by it's bitter taste, it is used for preparing the well-known Bitter leaf soup.
This vegetable is extremely good for the body, health benefits include:

1. Increased metabolism - This is particularly good for anyone who wants to lose weight.

2. Relieves fever and feverish conditions- Just drink the juice gotten from squeezing the leaves three times daily.

3. Reduces the blood-sugar level- Making it very good for diabetic patients.

4. Cures skin rashes, eczema, ring worms- Due to its antibiotic and antifungal properties, it can cure skin ailments.

5. Cures pile.

6. Detoxifies the body.

7. Increases bosom milk production in nursing mothers.

8. Cures mild stomach ailments.

9. Acts as a worm expeller.

Bitterleaf is well-known with breaking down of fats in the body, as related to number one.
It works as base (because of it's bitter taste) against body acid, as neutralisation takes place in chemical reaction {Check neutralisation in Chemistry}.
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Neutralisation reaction produces salt and water. How come my body keeps stimulating that I take in more water? What happened to the one made from the reaction?
You are right those are the products of neutralisation of acid(in the body) and base(bitter leaf).
 The question is:do you always remember to take bitterleaf?
And if you take bitterleaf often, is there acid (the ones needed in small quantity, like citric acid) in your body?
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We cultivate plants of bitterleaf, My Mum has a way of rejunevating it periodically. It has been in our back yard for all I can remember
You need to be taking it from time to time, and if you have chance, take it like twice in a week. Get the leaf and squeze it after washing with water; extract its water and drink it raw like that.
Your body will be experiencing radical change and there'll be freedom in your systems.
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Am sorry Paul, I can't just take a handful of bitterleaf like that. Unless it's been cooked.
Oh ! It's trully bitter to take, but the end result is sweet both physically in/on your mouth/tongue and health-wise in your system.
I know it's not easy taking it, but this our bodies do require somthing like that and cooked bitter leaf can only do little of metablism and breaking down of fats, but drinking the juice raw goes a long-way.
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My mum had tried forcing us with it since we were kids but it never seemed to work out coz we never got used to it!
Hmmm, your mum knows its usefulness; that is why she has been doing that.
Nobody finds it easy to drink; even myself till now, but l have to drink it.
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I am not certain if its the only way, even at that, it still may be difficult for me to drink it

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