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Quail eggs are packed
with vitamins and
minerals. Even with
their small size, their
nutritional value is three
to four times greater
than chicken eggs. Quail
eggs contain 13 percent
proteins compared to
11 percent in chicken
eggs. Quail eggs also
contain 140 percent of
vitamin B1 compared to
50 percent in chicken
eggs. In addition, quail
eggs provide five times
as much iron and
potassium. Unlike
chicken eggs, quail eggs
have not been know to
cause allergies or
diathesis. Actually they
help fight allergy
symptoms due to the
ovomucoid protein they
Regular consumption of
quail eggs helps fight
against many diseases.
They are a natural
combatant against
digestive tract
disorders such as
stomach ulcers. Quail
eggs strengthen the
immune system,
promote memory
health, increase brain
activity and stabilize
the nervous system.
They help with anemia
by increasing the level
of hemoglobin in the
body while removing
toxins and heavy
metals. The Chinese
use quail eggs to help
treat tuberculosis,
asthma, and even
diabetes. If you are a
sufferer of kidney, liver,
or gallbladder stones
quail eggs can help
prevent and remove
these types of stones.
Below we have
addressed some of the
more frequent quotes
and statements you
will find on-line or in
literature about the
Quail Egg. Typically the
statements made
about Quail Egg nutrition
are taken at face value
or even chalked up to
folklore. Really, you
never see the specifics
about each vitamin and
mineral the Quail Egg
offers and how it helps
a human body. So we
have elaborated on the
most frequently seen
Quail Egg benefit
"Quail egg nutritional
value is three to four
times greater than
chicken eggs. For
instance, Quail eggs
contain 13 percent
proteins, compared to
11 percent in chicken
Why is this important?
Because protein is what
our body needs to build
muscle and use as a
long term energy
source. Carbohydrates,
when consumed and
not used by the body
end up becoming fat
that we carry. Protein
found in Quail eggs is of
superior quality in that
it is accompanied by a
very high nutrient load.
As follows:
"Quail Eggs contain 140
percent of vitamin B1
compared to only 50
percent in chicken eggs."
Why is Vitamin B1
important? B1 is also
called Thiamine.
Thiamine is responsible
in the biosynthesis of
GABA. Deficiency in
Thiamine can cause
optic neuropathology,
Korzkoff's syndrome, a
condition called Beriberi
(involving neurological
system, cardio vascular
systems and
systems), malaise,
weight loss, irritability
and confusion. Thiamine
is essential and can be
obtained easily by
consuming Quail Eggs.

I've known above this post; but one question still bothering me, which is also applicable to some calculation and l want someone to explain why it is so.
How can vitamin B1 be 140% since percentage refers to 100 ?
How can something be greater than 100% ?
Pls, I need explanation.
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Chris Head Mod.
There are a lot of mistakes in this post. i checked the source and it was written by a nigerian, obviously :-\... See u can't compare a percentage to another percentage. It's wrong. If u say something was 50grams before and then later it increased by 140% then that means it increased by (140/100) x 50 = 70grams.... and then became 50 + 70 = 120grams. Hope u understand now. :)
Ok, I understand now; Thanks HM.
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Spottykay Publisher
do you know that the post i said about beri beri is the loss of vitamin b1 (thiamine) actually the thing pains when you try to swallow any thing just in the mouth it will swell up and when it stays long the person dies cause it bursts and goes down just like a poison
Have you eaten this quail egg before?
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
Spottykay Publisher
yap my father bought it for something i dont like to say just a sugar wahala and i used it at times so it did somethings to my brain function

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