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 The day i lost my brother is a scary story about me                             Once live two brother me and my brother "rick'.. i was 13 and he was 10, at the time we love our self more than you ever imagin.                            One dark and rainy night our parent whent out and left us home alone, all by ourself.. After we finish 'dinner", instead of us to go to bed we decided to play hide and seek.. I'm the "seeker' so he decide to hide where i can not find him.. When i finish counting. i whent off looking for him. I check every where i think he would hide, but could not find him.. I then go down the "basement' and i saw some thing that shock me in my life. there was a door that was not there befor, as i was about to open the, it slowing creek open by itself.                               Inside was completly dark. just then i had a creepy voice calling my name "jerrry' as soon as i had that i turn away to run but i saw my brother coming. i told him to run but he said he must see what was           


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