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Head Mod.
A guy pulls over in his car, finding a goat standing at the side of the road. He gets the goat and puts it in the passenger seat of his car.
The guy drives along the road with the goat in his car, until a cop makes him pull over.
The cop says to the guy, "You can't drive around with a goat in your car."
The guy says, "I know. I was just taking him to the zoo."
"OK, then." Says the cop, and lets the guy go with the goat.
The next day, the cop drives by the same guy again, and he still has the goat in his car.
He makes the guy pull over, and says to him, "I thought you took that goat to the zoo."
The guy says, "I did.
Now I'm taking him to the cinema."

Then, the story is not concluded.
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Yeah, I never noticed the part that said the goat is stranded.

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