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One evening a rabbit was happily running round the forest when hi saw a giraffe smoking drugs and said to him why do you kill yourself with drugs when you can run around with me and be happier. While running they came across an elephant smoking heroin and told him to join them he would be very happier. Again they came acroos a lion and the rabbit said why do you destroy yourself with cocaine whan you can join us an be happier immediately the lion got up and gave the rabbit the beating of his life  and then the elephant said why are you beating him up he is only trying to help us. Then the lion said dont mind him thats how he gets me to run around with him when he is high

the tittle should be a playful rabit
He he he he he, I can't stop laughing at that crazy and cunning rabbit.
Hahaha,the smallest rabbit not respecting the king just because of happiness
Its not a matter if kingship, the lion was already aware of the rabbit's treachery.
Oh he said the rabbit does that always
Which means he's already aware of it. The rabbit is simply playing holy on the others.
Then what's the lion playing?
Just been itself!
That's a gentle Lion
I haven't heard of a gentle lion before.
 Hahaha you've started,I mean a lion that doesn't love jumping arround but eatingoooooo
And yet, you still call that gentleness?
Yes!!! It's also gentleness and I think the other part of it has nothing to do with gentleness
Am glad to think it that way too.
Correction has been made perfectly

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