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I was browsing through facebook and someone shared a post that made me laugh, and what came into my mind is that i will share it with Jalingoers. I have told you to drink enough water before reading, and it is not my business if your stomach start paining you.....okay get ready to start reading.

A curfew was declared, some guys went to watch football match, while coming some soldiers met them and said to each will be canned base on the number of their clothes (jerseys) they put on; the 1st put on chelsea Mikel's 12 and he was flogged 12.
Second put on 50cent and he was also flogged 50 strokes.
The third one was crying furiously, then from afar some noticed he was putting on "GEJ till 2019".

LMAO! Someone's gonna lick his arse!
Ha....... he is dead already.....
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
I think, they would have to carry a dead man on that day, for giving him 2019 strokes and Jonathan can pay for his coffin, because he actually died for Jonathan's Sake and not for their disobedience again.
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Even if he is not dead, the 2019 strokes that he received will make him an idle.
he's gonna die
And may be Jonathan will prepare paradise for him.
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hahaha but God stops jonathan cus he cant do it and even he has his own judgement
Hmmmm, afterall, he died for Jonathan; Jonathan can buy some part of heaven for him, 'cos he has money; l think money can buy heaven !
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hmm na soo jona go use our looted money for him.Chai i love d guy just call him 2nd Jesus died for jonathan
And to be candid; that is how foolish people who fight on politics kill themselves in Nigeria; while those(presidents, senators, governors, ministers etc) they are fighting for are taking refuge in oversea countries.
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Its gonna be a day to remember!

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