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Ok, all those guys sending me pointless messages. This topic is open for you all. Ask me anything. Get to know me better by discussing with me here because I may not have to reply any more messages. Thanks.

Ao ar u doin 2day
Hae jennfr
@hice, i'm good thank u.
@willy, hello.
sup t normal 4 guys 2 do dt just ans dos u can .ans anyaw aw was ur 9yt
Hi jenny
Hw are u doing
Hi guys, i'm fine. thanks for stopping by and dropping a message. @richie, i know, it's just cuz my inbox was gettin flooded and it was annoying.
Jenni.babi. How fa.
Jani cici how far?
Jenni do u hv any topic to b discos on?
hw far babe
Hi pius, hi morenike, hi princess. @Clem, yes i think i made some topics in family affairs
Ok u know what, for taking the pain to stop by and say hello, I have decided to give all of you free relationship advice. Yes, if you know that one person who you secretely admire but don't know how to approach him/her or if you need advice on how to strenghten your current relationship. I'll answer all of your questions and that way we can get to know ourselves better...
HI Jenny, der is sumbody i secretly admire nd i dnt kw hw to aproach her. pls cn u help.
Yes @Emmy, give me a few more details like are you guys working for the same company or is she in the same class as you... e.t.c
Same class, i mean my course mate. i actually like her and she always want me around, call her. but she said sumtin to me 1 day, she said " no mata wat i can't date my course mate, no!!!". i dnt kw hw to tell her, cus if i do she might stand on her words.
Now what you actually need here is strategy. Since she has said she wont date a course mate, u have 2 take a different route.
Dont tell her u want 2 date her because she would turn you down immediately. U have 2 make her s3xually attrated to you. Make her like you.

First, try finding out things she likes and dont like, then start from there.
Hmm dats kul, bt it shows she like d kind of person i am. a singer and a addited chuch boy. i only knw 1 tin she like most.
BT hw do i kw wat she likes or dont like?
Hw can i tos a girl i like
Hw cn i say i do 2 a guy dat comes 4 a date
hello wats up and how you doing?
@Emmy, you can ask her with strategy.

@Austin, hi

@Funsho, i dont really know what u mean

@snappyboy, im great thanks for asking
hy gud morning

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