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These Is For Boys Do Not Eat Over Hot Eba Because It Causes Low Sperm Count And Do Not Wear Tight Trousers Because It Will Still Cause Low Sperm Count Or Infertility If This Is Information Has Being Useful To You Reply Or Follow Me On Twitter Ubidodaryl@slammer3589

I have never heard of that before, but I did hear that you can improve the percentage composition of your sperms by taking groundnuts. G/nuts contain a lot of fats which can aid in the rapid formation of new sperms.
What of BANANA i think it increase sperm...
I Have Not Heard About It But I Tink It Increases It Any Way It Is All Part Of Learning You Are Free To Share Your Ideas
CIA are soda twins dat can cos low sperm count link cell phones n stress
Sugar or too much of sugary food items can cause low sperm count.
@Darylsweet, to make this post a perfect one, you ought to define "low sperm count"; that is, What is low sperm count?
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I like your point Pastor Sam.
You are right Evangelist!
Also Wearing Tight Fitted Boxers And Staying In Traffic For Long Also Causes It
Spottykay Publisher
i heard that putting a hot laptop on d leg wen sitting is bad cause of the warmness of the heat causes low sperm
Opinions! Well we have to live everything to our ultimate protector which is God himself.
To compile the list of those l got from research:-
1. Sugar Or Sugary Food.
2. Phone/Handset Radiation.
3. Premature Ejaculation.
4. Excessive Heat On Private Part.
5. Too Much Of Fasting.
6. Satanic Manipulation.
7. Genetic Reason.
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That means am in trouble coz I take pretty lots of sugar.
@Sir-phil, pls, as a brother, l advice you to run away from sugar; like in my family, we dont eat sugar at all; we take our tea with milk and chocolate like that.
I discover that we are satisfied with the taste, because we are accustomed to it.
Sugar has a lot of damaging effect in the body apart from causing low sperm count; it also causes pile, low voice level, diabetes etc.
Like me, l dont like drinking minerals like coke because of this.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
I'l try as much as possible to avoid it, though it's hard.
It is indeed the truth what has been said in the aforementioned by Sam7, but we are created differently, and it may not work on some folks even if they use or practice it. I can't stop using sugar though it does not produce any negative effect on me, and i pray it won't harm me.
From the way it sounds, it's negative effects cannot be made manifest at an instant but a gradual process that leads to something which could be dangerous.
In fact, Sir-phil has said what l wanted to say; so many people believe that the effect is immediate; no, its gradual and step by step damage.
For example:- eating of sugar leads to increase in blood/urine sugar, and then leads to diabetes and diabetes leads to stroke and stroke leads to death.
May God keep us from evil.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
It shall not be my portion in Jesus name!
Spottykay Publisher
How does it occur by fasting too much @sam7
Remember, I didnt say "fasting", l said "fasting too much".
Fasting reduces the production of sperm cells and if a man is looking for a child or wants to impregnate his wife; the doctor tells him to reduce fasting if he's a type who fast too much.
I know a man of God like that, who had been barren for years after his wedding; this man of God fasts all the time, to the extent that whenever he had s3x with his wife, only gas(instead of sperm) is released into his wife's virgina; until he was told to reduce his fasting and the wife is pregnant now.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .

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