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The bushes and clouds in Super Mario Bros are
the same, just colored differently.

There are warehouses so big they have their own WEATHER.

When a male bee climaxes, their testicles
explode then they die.

The adult human has two to nine pounds of
bacteria in his or her body.

Blue whales heart is the size of a VW Beetle
and that you could swim through some of its

All of the gold mined in the history of the
world would more or less fit into a 20x20x20
meter cube.

There are more atoms in a single glass of
water, than glasses of water in all the oceans of
the Earth.

Half of all humans who have ever lived,
died from malaria.

If you shuffle a deck of cards, chances are
that the new order of playing cards has never
existed before.

Of all the people in history that have
reached 65 years of age, half of them are living
right now.

Fold over a piece of paper 42 times and it
will reach the moon.

Pirates wear eye patches so that they can
see in the dark.

I'm not known, not even by myselft,
Really amazin
Fold a piece of paper over 42 times and it will reach the moon?
Explain: How?
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I too noticed this. How is that possible?

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