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Top 10 Investing Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

As we embrace the digital age, podcasts have become a popular way to consume information and stay ahead of the game in various fields. For individuals interested in investing, several podcasts offer expert advice and insights into the dynamic world of finance. This article lists the top 10 investing podcasts to listen to in 2023, helping you make informed decisions and grow your financial knowledge.

1. The Indicator from Planet Money

Description: As an offshoot of NPR's popular Planet Money, The Indicator delivers daily episodes containing short stories, data points, and interesting trends relating to the global economy.
Why Listen: This podcast is a great option for those with limited time who still want to stay informed. With episodes typically ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, The Indicator breaks down complex economic concepts into easily digestible stories, making it accessible to all levels of investors.

2. The Motley Fool Money

Description: The Motley Fool Money podcast is a weekly show that covers the latest in stock market news, financial headlines, and provides insightful commentary from top financial experts.
Why Listen: Hosted by Chris Hill and an engaging group of analysts, The Motley Fool Money podcast strikes a balance between a lighthearted approach and the seriousness of the investing world. Tune in to glean useful insights and perspectives on market trends, popular stocks, hidden gems, and various other topics relevant to your investing journey.

3. The Tony Robbins Podcast

Description: Although not exclusively focused on investing, The Tony Robbins Podcast features episodes that delve into financial literacy, wealth management, and investing strategies.
Why Listen: Tony Robbins is known for his ability to inspire and motivate listeners. By interviewing various industry experts, including hedge fund managers, bestselling authors, and CEOs, Robbins provides valuable advice on how to pursue wealth creation and learn from top financial minds.

4. Invest Like the Best

Description: Hosted by Patrick O'Shaughnessy, Invest Like the Best is a weekly podcast that features compelling interviews with top investors and financial professionals.
Why Listen: The podcast's in-depth discussions with renowned experts in various fields, such as venture capital, stock markets, and private equity, provide listeners with invaluable insights on effective investment strategies. The podcast is best suited for experienced or ambitious investors looking for additional perspectives and ideas to enhance their approaches.

5. The Meb Faber Show

Description: Hosted by Meb Faber, CIO of Cambria Investment Management, this weekly podcast focuses on quantitative investing and the intersection of technology, investing, and market trends.
Why Listen: The Meb Faber Show concentrates on discussions with top experts and academics in theinvestment field, making it an ideal podcast for those who appreciate evidence-based strategies and data-driven insights. Subscribe to this podcast if you are passionate about learning from quantitative investment strategies and emerging trends in finance.

6. Marketplace

Description: Marketplace, hosted by Kai Ryssdal, is a daily podcast that focuses on recent news, business, and economic trends.
Why Listen: Marketplace provides a comprehensive view of the latest developments in the global economy, delivered in an easily understandable format. Stay updated on the most pressing issues shaping the financial world, and learn how these trends may impact your investments and strategies.

7. The Peter Schiff Show Podcast

Description: The Peter Schiff Show Podcast is a financial commentary that discusses mainstream economic news, investment strategies, and current market conditions.
Why Listen: Known for his polarizing yet engaging approach to finance, Peter Schiff shares his economic outlook while challenging conventional wisdom. Listen in for unfiltered perspectives on gold, stocks, commodities, and various market events that may shape your investment decisions.

8. Masters in Business

Description: Hosted by Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz, Masters in Business is an insightful weekly podcast featuring interviews with notable figures in finance, investing, and economics.
Why Listen: Masters in Business is an excellent podcast for in-depth conversations with leading experts and influencers in the finance world, including asset managers, columnists, and CEOs. Tune in to broaden your financial knowledge and stay well-informed about the latest trends and strategies.

9. The Stacking Benjamins Show

Description: The Stacking Benjamins Show is a light-hearted financial podcast that aims to make money concepts approachable and entertaining.
Why Listen: Hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy, this podcast blends humor with practical, actionable advice to help listeners improve their financial lives. Featuring interviews with experts, guest appearances, and a rotating cast of contributors, the show covers a wide range of topics, from financial planning and budgeting to investing and market analysis.

10. Money for the Rest of Us

Description: Host David Stein, a former Chief Investment Strategist and money manager, presents Money for the Rest of Us, focusing on successful long-term investing strategies for individuals and institutions.
Why Listen: This podcast caters to DIY investors seeking a deeper understanding of how the markets work and where they should focus their time and energy. Stein shares valuable insights and advice derived from his experience in the field, making this podcast a crucial resource for improving one's financial literacy.

  • The Indicator from Planet Money: Accessible daily economic updates for busy investors
  • The Motley Fool Money: Stock market news and entertaining financial discussions
  • The Tony Robbins Podcast: Motivational advice from industry experts and top financial minds
  • Invest Like the Best: In-depth interviews and valuable perspectives on investing
  • The Meb Faber Show: Quantitative investing and data-driven strategies
  • Marketplace: Global economic news and trends explained
  • The Peter Schiff Show Podcast: Unfiltered commentary on diverse market events
  • Masters in Business: Exclusive interviews with leading finance professionals
  • The Stacking Benjamins Show: Entertaining money-focused stories and expert interviews
  • Money for the Rest of Us: Long-term investment strategies for DIY investors
Now that you have your lineup of top investing podcasts, you are ready to stay informed and align your investment strategies with the latest trends and insights from industry professionals. These podcasts will not only increase your financial knowledge but also motivate you to continue your journey toward financial success.

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