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Meeting Ed Rempel: Early Life and Background

Ed Rempel, a renowned financial planner, and the founder of the Unconventional Wisdom blog, embodies the dream of many – to retire young and live a fulfilling life. Born and raised in a lower-middle-class family in Canada, Rempel's fascination for financial independence started at a young age. He saw how his hardworking parents struggled with managing their finances, raising him and his four siblings, and keeping up with the ends meet. This experience ingrained financial consciousness and the importance of financial freedom in Rempel's mind.

Finding A Passion in Math and Finance

As a numbers whiz, Rempel pursued his higher education in math and actuarial science at the University of Manitoba. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for personal finance and started exploring ways to achieve financial independence. Throughout his university life, Rempel fed his appetite for finance and honed his skills by reading books, attending seminars, and even organizing financial education clubs.

The Start of Rempel's Professional Career

Upon graduating, Ed Rempel kickstarted his career as an actuary – an attractive profession for people with a knack for numbers and financial risk analysis. After realizing his talent for financial planning and investing, he decided to become an investment advisor and financial planner.

Launching his Own Financial Planning Firm

After gaining experience in the finance industry, Rempel realized that his true calling was in financial planning. In 1993, at just 30 years old, he founded his own fee-only financial planning firm. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey where he helped tens of thousands of individuals achieve their financial goals, using his unconventional wisdom.

Retiring Early While Continuously Growing His Business

In just ten years, at the age of 40, Rempel reached a point of financial independence that allowed him to retire early. Two main factors contributed to his early success:

1. High Savings Rate and Strategic Investing
Rempel practiced what he preached – he diligently managed his personal finances, saved a large percentage of his income, and invested wisely. He advocated and employed a combination of passive and active investment strategies to build a robust investment portfolio.

2. Building a Successful Financial Planning Business
Through his financial planning firm, Rempel not only enriched his own financial life but also had a lasting positive impact on his clients. By offering unconventional and personalized financial advice, he grew his business and gained widespread recognition.

A Streamlined Process
In order to provide quality financial advice consistently, Rempel built a team of dedicated financial planners and developed a streamlined process. He focused on:

  • Comprehensive financial assessment of the clients' goals, financial status, and risk tolerance.
  • Developing personalized financial plans, including tax strategies, retirement planning, estate planning, and wealth management.
  • Offering ongoing financial coaching to help clients stay on track with their goals.

Continuing Education
Rempel never stopped learning, even after becoming a successful entrepreneur. He continuously updated his knowledge on various financial topics and obtained advanced education, such as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Certified Investment Manager (CIM) designations.

Living The Dream and Giving Back to The Community

Despite retiring at 40, Ed Rempel did not stop making an impact on individuals and communities. His commitment to spreading unconventional wisdom extended beyond his financial planning firm.

Starting the Unconventional Wisdom Blog

Rempel founded the Unconventional Wisdom blog as a platform to share his insights and experiences on personal finance and investment strategies with a wider audience. Through his blog, he aimed to educate, inspire, and empower people to take control of their finances.

Contributing to Financial Literacy

Ed Rempel is a passionate advocate for financial literacy. He constantly aims to dispel common financial myths and clarify misconceptions through his writing, speaking engagements, and social media presence. He is a sought-after speaker at financial planning conferences, educational institutions, and community events.

Supporting Charitable Causes

Rempel strongly believes in the power of giving back. As a philanthropist, he has donated a portion of his income to various charitable causes. His financial success has enabled him to help support and empower numerous communities around the world.

The Future of Ed Rempel and Unconventional Wisdom

Although Ed Rempel may have retired at 40, his journey is far from over. As a financial planning visionary, Rempel envisions a future where more people can attain financial independence by following his unconventional wisdom approach.

Growing the Unconventional Wisdom Community

Rempel plans to further expand the Unconventional Wisdom blog to reach and inspire millions more worldwide. Through articles, podcasts, and videos, Rempel aspires to continue influencing people's financial journeys with his tried-and-tested wisdom.

Exploring New Financial Ventures

Ed Rempel remains active in the financial industry and is always on the lookout for new investment opportunities and innovative financial products. His ongoing involvement in finance allows him to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and provide actionable insights to his blog followers and the finance community.

Continuing to Give Back

From his early retirement to his current endeavors, Rempel demonstrates the value of giving back to society. Through financial contributions and his expertise, he continues to make a positive impact on individuals and communities, as he firmly believes that a fulfilling life comes from helping others succeed.


The journey of Ed Rempel – from a university student with a flair for numbers to a successful financial planner who retired at 40 – serves as a testament to his deep understanding of personal finance and his commitment to helping people achieve their financial goals. Through his financial planning firm, Unconventional Wisdom blog, and philanthropic efforts, Rempel may have retired young, but his work is far from done. His ever-growing influence on the world of personal finance and his continuous commitment to educating people on financial independence will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on countless individuals for years to come.

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