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PensionBee Review: A Comprehensive Review of the PensionBee Pension Platform

Overview of PensionBee

PensionBee is a leading UK-based online pension platform that aims to simplify and improve the pension management process for British citizens. Established in 2014, PensionBee offers a straightforward approach to pension consolidation by transferring all your existing pensions into a single, manageable plan. The company’s mission is to make the process of managing pensions easy, efficient, and transparent.

Key Features of PensionBee:
  • Simple user interface
  • Pension calculator tool
  • Pension consolidation service
  • Online and mobile app access
  • Transparent fee structure
  • FSCS protection
  • Competent customer support
  • Multiple pension plan options
  • Deemed as an award-winning platform

Why Choose PensionBee?

Ease of Pension Consolidation
One of the most significant benefits offered by PensionBee is its pension consolidation process. Users submit their personal details and information on their existing pensions; then, PensionBee locates and transfers all old pension pots into one simple online plan. This pension consolidation is quick, seamless, and requires minimal input from the user.

Accessibility & Interface
PensionBee offers both website and mobile app platforms to users, allowing them to manage and track their pension from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, the platform boasts an intuitive user interface, making it easy to understand and navigate even for those with little to no pension management experience.

Transparent Fee Structure
One of the standout features of PensionBee is its clear and transparent fee structure. The platform charges an annual management fee, which covers everything from fund management to daily administration. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the user's pension pot and decreases as the total value of their pension grows, making PensionBee a cost-effective option for managing pensions.

Pension Plan Options
PensionBee offers users several pension plans to choose from, catering to different investment strategies and risk profiles. Users can choose from seven diverse plans, each with unique underpinnings concerning asset allocation, risk tolerance, and investment goals.

PensionBee Pension Plans

PensionBee provides its customers with seven distinct pension plan options. Each of these plans is designed to cater to the various investment requirements and preferences of its users.

1. Tailored Plan
This pension plan automatically adjusts asset mix according to the user's age, shifting investments from equities to bonds as the person nears retirement. The goal is to optimize growth while minimizing risk as retirement approaches.

2. Tracker Plan
This plan follows the performance of global stock markets and aims to deliver steady and predictable growth. The Tracker Plan is suitable for those seeking a low-maintenance investment option with moderate potential returns over the long-term.

3. Match Plan
The Match Plan comprises a 50/50 split between equities and bonds, aiming to provide a balanced risk-reward ratio for pension investments. This strategy suits individuals who prefer a moderate level of risk in their investment portfolio.

4. Growth Plan
The Growth Plan focuses primarily on equities and is intended for users who are comfortable with a higher level of risk. This plan potentially offers relatively higher rewards than other pension plans.

5. Preserve Plan
This pension plan invests exclusively in short-term UK government bonds, thereby providing a relatively low-risk option for investors. The Preserve Plan aims to protect users' pension pot from significant market fluctuations.

6. Fossil Fuel Free Plan
This socially responsible plan is designed for users who want to avoid investing in fossil fuel companies. It invests primarily in renewable energy and other environmentally-conscious sectors.

7. Shariah Plan
The Shariah Plan follows the principles of Islamic finance and investment guidelines. It invests only in companies that comply with Islamic teachings and avoids industries such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and weaponry.

PensionBee Fees and Charges

PensionBee follows a comprehensive and transparent fee structure. The annual management fee depends on the size of the pension fund and ranges between 0.50% and 0.95%. The more pension assets you have, the lower the fees you pay. The fee includes costs associated with managing your investments, trading expenses, and daily administration.

PensionBee Customer Support

An essential aspect of using any financial service platform is the quality of its customer support. PensionBee provides multiple channels for users to contact their support team, including telephone, email, live chat, and social media. PensionBee assigns a dedicated pension "BeeKeeper" to each user, who serves as their point of contact throughout the pension management process. In general, the company has received positive reviews for its quick, friendly, and efficient customer service.

Security and Regulation

PensionBee is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which ensures that the company adheres to strict financial regulations and operates in clients' best interests. Moreover, the platform's customer funds are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which safeguards pensions up to £85,000 per individual should the company become insolvent or is unable to meet its financial obligations.

PensionBee Drawbacks

Limited Investment Choice
While PensionBee offers a reasonable variety of pension plans, users with specific investment requirements or those seeking niche investment opportunities may find the selection somewhat limited. Alternatively, they might have to opt for a platform that allows for self-directed pension investments.

No Face-to-Face Advice
PensionBee does not provide face-to-face financial advice like traditional financial advisors. Instead, it offers a fee-based telephone advice service provided by PensionBee advisers. Users who prefer personal interaction with advisors may not find this approach satisfactory.


PensionBee is an intuitive and user-friendly pension platform that allows users to consolidate their pensions conveniently. With transparent fees, multiple pension plans, and a strong focus on user experience, PensionBee is an excellent choice for individuals looking to simplify and manage their pensions effectively. However, potential users should consider the limited investment choice and lack of face-to-face advice if these factors significantly impact their retirement plan requirements.

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