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Understanding What Constitutes a Good Salary

In order to determine if £45k is a good salary in the United Kingdom, one needs to take into account several factors like cost of living, housing, taxes, and individual lifestyle preferences. Every person's financial demands and expectations differ, which is why this topic can be subjective. However, by analyzing certain key aspects, we can draw a general conclusion about whether £45k is a good salary in the UK.

Comparing Salaries Across the UK

First, let's put £45k in context by comparing it to the national average salary and regional variations in the UK. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average full-time annual salary in the UK stands at around £38,600 (as of 2021). Consequently, a yearly income of £45k is 16.6% higher than the national average, which suggests that it is a good salary by comparison.

Regional Variations

Salaries across the UK can vary significantly depending on the region. London, being the largest city and economic hub, typically offers higher salaries to compensate for its higher cost of living. Meanwhile, other regions may have lower salaries but also a lower cost of living. Consequently, determining whether £45k is a good salary should also take regional variations into account.

London: The average salary in London is around £42,800, so earning £45k in the capital puts the salary slightly above average, but not considerably.

South East England: In this region, the average salary is about £36,800, making a £45k salary appear more substantial compared to the regional average.

Northern England: When it comes to Northern England, the average salary is approximately £33,000. Therefore, in this region, a £45k salary is significantly higher than the regional average.

Factors Affecting the Perception of a Good Salary

When evaluating the quality of a £45k salary, multiple factors come into play. These factors can affect the individual's quality of life and financial comfort, which in turn influences one's perception of a good salary.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is crucial when evaluating the quality of a salary. A £45k salary may seem ample in regions with lower costs, but it may not stretch as far in areas with high living expenses like London. Housing, utilities, and transportation costs all contribute to the cost of living and can vary significantly between regions.


Housing plays a major role in determining whether a £45k salary is sufficient. Renting or buying a property can consume a large portion of one's budget, particularly in more expensive areas. On a £45k salary, you may be able to afford a comfortable living situation in regions outside London, but in the capital, property prices and rent may limit the quality of housing available to you.


Taxes are another important factor to consider in relation to salary. In the UK, employees pay income tax through the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system. Individuals earning £45k would be in the higher tax bracket (40%) for any income above the £50,270 threshold. However, the personal allowance has been set at £12,570, meaning that one can earn up to this amount tax-free. Consequently, after taxes, someone earning £45k would take home approximately £34,661 per annum.

Personal Lifestyle Preferences

Ultimately, what constitutes a good salary depends on one's individual lifestyle preferences. Financial comfort is subjective, so factors such as shopping habits, entertainment choices, and travel preferences will all affect a person's financial expectations. While a £45k salary may be adequate for someone who leads a modest lifestyle, another person with more expensive tastes might find it insufficient.

Analyzing Your Budget on a £45k Salary

Housing: Based on the 30% rule (where your housing costs should not exceed 30% of your net income), assigning £866 per month to housing on a £45k salary is recommended. This amount may not be enough for an upscale property in London, but it could secure decent accommodations in other regions.

Transportation: Monthly transportation costs can vary depending on whether you own a vehicle or use public transportation. Owning a car typically includes costs like maintenance, insurance, and fuel, which may add up to several hundred pounds a month. Alternatively, using public transportation might be more cost-effective, depending on the location.

Groceries and Dining: Both grocery expenses and dining out costs depend on one's eating habits and the region in which they live. In general, larger cities have higher costs for dining and groceries, so a £45k salary will stretch further in smaller towns and rural areas.

Utilities and Bills: Utility costs, including electricity, gas, water, and internet services, can also vary depending on the property size, region, and individual consumption habits.

Savings and Investments: A good salary should enable you to save and invest a portion of your income. The general rule of thumb is to allocate at least 20% of your net income towards savings, investments, and paying off any debts. On a £45k salary, this would amount to roughly £576 per month.

Entertainment and Leisure: How much you allocate to entertainment and leisure activities will depend on your personal preferences and lifestyle choices, ranging from subscriptions to gym memberships, vacations, and nights out.

Is a £45k Salary Good for Different Demographic Groups?

Single Individuals

A £45k salary may be considered good for single individuals, especially in regions with lower costs of living. They may be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle, including adequate housing, transportation, dining, and entertainment, while still saving and investing. However, in higher-cost areas like London, a stricter budget may be necessary.

Couples and Dual-Income Households

For couples, a £45k salary split between two people can be more challenging as it may require them to live more frugally or in a less expensive area. However, if both partners earn £45k, their combined income of £90k would provide a comfortable lifestyle in most parts of the UK, even in London.


For a family with children, a £45k salary can be sufficient in regions with lower living costs. However, allowances for childcare, education, and extracurricular activities may require careful budgeting. A £45k salary would be more challenging for families living in higher-cost areas like London.


In conclusion, a £45k salary can be considered a good salary in the UK, especially when compared to the national average. However, regional variations, cost of living, lifestyle preferences, and family demographics will all factor into whether this salary is sufficient for an individual or household's needs. For single individuals and dual-income couples outside of London, a £45k salary should enable a comfortable lifestyle with room for savings and investments. On the other hand, families or those living in high-cost areas like London may require stricter budgeting should they choose to live on a £45k salary.

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