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Understanding the UK Salary Scale

Before diving into whether £40,000 a year is a good salary in the UK, it is crucial to understand the country's salary scale. In general, the minimum wage in the UK varies depending on the employee's age, and different regions within the UK often pay different average salaries.

The average annual salary in the UK in 2021 is around £30,800 (though it varies depending on the source), whereas the median salary puts 50% of the country's full-time workforce above and 50% below £31,461. It is important to keep these figures in mind when analyzing how suitable an annual income of £40,000 is in the UK.

Factors Affecting the Perception of a Good Income

Several factors influence how one might perceive an income of £40,000 a year:

  • Location: The cost of living varies across the UK, with London having the highest cost of living in the country. A salary of £40,000 annually might be considered comfortable in some areas of the UK but may not provide as much purchasing power in London or other expensive cities.
  • Stage of Life: People with a family and dependents might consider £40,000 a year not enough to live comfortably, whereas single individuals with no dependents could find it more than sufficient.
  • Industry and Occupation: The average salary in certain industries or occupations may differ significantly. In some fields, like tech and finance, £40,000 might be seen as a low-income, while in others, it might be an exceptional wage.
  • Personal Financial Goals: An individual's perception of a good salary is also affected by their unique financial goals, including retirement planning, property ownership, and debt management.

Comparing £40k a Year to Average Salaries by Industry and Occupation

The relation between a salary of £40,000 a year and the average salary of a specific occupation can provide more context about the earning potential in that field. Here are some industries and occupations as examples:

  • Healthcare: General practitioners in the UK have an average salary of around £58,000, while registered nurses earn approximately £31,000. In this context, £40,000 a year would be a good salary for a nurse, but it would not be considered impressive for a GP.
  • Education: The average salary of a secondary school teacher in the UK is around £40,000. Compared to this figure, £40,000 might be an average salary for someone working in the education field.
  • Finance: The average salary for an accountant in the UK is roughly £37,000 per year, so a salary of £40,000 a year would be considered somewhat above average in this profession.
  • Technology: As the tech industry varies in terms of roles and skill sets, it is challenging to compare £40,000 a year directly to an average salary across the entire field. However, considering the average salary for a software developer in the UK is approximately £39,000, £40,000 a year can be considered an average salary for someone in this role.

It's important to note that these comparisons might not be valid in specific locations within the UK, as salaries usually differ based on the cost of living in a particular area.

The Impact of Taxes and Benefits

When considering a £40,000 a year salary, it is essential to take into account the amount of net income that will be provided after taxes and other deductions. In the UK, annual salaries above £12,570 are subject to income tax as follows:

  • Basic rate: 20% is levied on income between £12,571 and £50,270.
  • Higher rate: 40% is levied on income between £50,271 and £150,000.
  • Additional rate: 45% is taxed on income over £150,000.

For an individual with a salary of £40,000 a year, the basic rate of 20% will be charged. The annual take-home pay after tax and National Insurance would amount to about £30,909.

Additionally, certain benefits (for instance, Universal Credit) and government schemes (for example, Help to Buy) may have a dependent eligibility on one's annual wage.

Is £40k a Year Enough to Live Comfortably in Different UK Cities?

The cost of living in a region is a critical factor when considering whether a salary of £40,000 a year is enough to live comfortably. Here is an analysis of some cities in the UK and how a £40,000 annual salary might fare against their cost of living:


London, the most expensive city in the UK, has a high cost of living due to factors such as housing, transport, and childcare. A salary of £40,000 a year in London might be sufficient for a single person willing to share a flat or live in the city's outskirts. However, for a family with children, this salary may not provide a comfortable lifestyle, considering the region's astronomical housing and childcare costs.


Edinburgh's cost of living is considerably lower than that of London but still ranks among the UK's more expensive cities. An annual salary of £40,000 would likely allow for a comfortable lifestyle for a single individual or potentially for a couple, considering average rent prices and general living expenses.


Manchester has a lower cost of living relative to London and Edinburgh, providing more purchasing power to individuals earning £40,000 a year. This salary would probably support a comfortable lifestyle for a single person or a couple in this city. However, for families with children requiring childcare, the income may be less sufficient.


With a lower cost of living than Manchester, Birmingham allows individuals with a £40,000 annual salary to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Both single people and couples can expect to meet their living expenses reasonably well with this salary. Large families may, however, need to manage finances more stringently.


Whether a £40,000 annual salary is considered good in the UK depends on several factors, including location, lifestyle choices, and personal financial goals. While it is above the national average and median salaries, someone earning £40,000 a year may find it easier to live comfortably in some cities compared to others.

Overall, considering the UK's cost of living, a salary of £40,000 a year can generally provide a decent lifestyle. However, it may not be sufficient for large families or individuals with significant financial goals in more expensive cities such as London. In any case, setting a comprehensive budget and tracking expenses is vital to maximize the value of one's earnings, regardless of location.

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