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HyperJar Review: A Money App for Everyone? A Comprehensive Review of the HyperJar Money App


HyperJar is a money management app designed to help users budget their finances more effectively by splitting their money into various "jars." Users can assign a purpose for each jar (e.g., groceries, bills, leisure) and then allocate funds accordingly. In addition, the app offers users the opportunity to earn interest on their money and provides various partner discounts. In this comprehensive HyperJar review, we will explore the app's features, benefits, drawbacks, and pricing.

Navigation and Interface

Ease of Use: HyperJar has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone, regardless of their technical proficiency, to navigate the app. The app features a clean design with clear headings and labels, ensuring that users can quickly and seamlessly locate their desired functions.

Account Creation and Setup: Creating an account and setting up jars is straightforward. After installing the app, new users must provide standard identification documents to verify their identity, such as a passport or driver's license, along with a proof of address. Once verified, users can create jars for various categories, like rent, groceries, and entertainment, then begin allocating funds to these jars.


Budgeting and Money Management: The app's primary focus is on budgeting and helping users manage their money efficiently. Users can create multiple jars that mirror their financial obligations and spending habits, allowing for better control over their expenses.

Shared Jars: HyperJar offers the ability to create shared jars with other users, which can be useful for managing joint expenses, like rent or utilities, among roommates or couples. Shared jars also work well for group savings or as a group gift pot.

Interest Rate: The app sets itself apart from other budgeting apps by offering an annual equivalent rate (AER) of 4.8% on jar balances. However, to qualify for this interest rate, users need to commit their funds for at least 12 months – referred to as a "HMoney 12 Month Fixed Pot". The app calculates the interest daily.

Account Card and Linked Jars: HyperJar provides users with a physical or virtual (and optional) Mastercard that links to the jars in the account. Users can use the card to spend directly from the jars, which helps ensure that they do not deviate from their budget. The app alerts users in real-time about the balance in the linked jars and recent transactions.

Partner Discounts and Instant Cashbacks: HyperJar has partnerships with various retailers, providing users with instant cashback or discounts when they shop. Users can create advance commitment jars for partner retailers to lock in these benefits for their future purchases, helping them to save money in the long run.


  • Money Management: HyperJar's jar system allows users to allocate their money into different categories, helping them plan their spending and stick to their budget.
  • Shared Jars: The ability to create shared jars benefits those managing joint expenses or group savings, promoting financial collaboration among users.
  • Interest on Savings: The app offers a competitive annual equivalent rate (AER) of 4.8% on jar balances, encouraging users to save and rewarding them for committing their funds.
  • Partner Discounts and Cashbacks: By establishing partnerships with retailers, the app allows users to earn discounts and instant cashback on purchases.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app is easy to navigate, with a clean design and clear labels, aiding users in understanding and managing their finances more effectively.


  • Limited to UK Residents: Currently, only UK residents can sign up for a HyperJar account, limiting the app's reach and benefit to a global audience.
  • Restricted Commitment Window for Interest: To earn interest on jar balances, users must commit their funds for at least 12 months, which might be unsuitable for those seeking more flexible savings options.
  • Limited Number of Partner Retailers: While HyperJar does offer partner discounts, its selection of partner retailers is relatively limited, restricting the range of available cashback opportunities for users.
  • No Integration with Bank Accounts: The app does not integrate with users' bank accounts, meaning manual input of transactions and constant account monitoring is necessary.
  • Absence of Advanced Budgeting Features: HyperJar does not offer more sophisticated budgeting tools that some users may require, such as bill reminders or goal-setting functionalities.


HyperJar's app and basic account is free to use. Users can access various supplementary features, like partner discounts and cashbacks, without any additional charges. Creating jars, making transactions, and withdrawing money are also free. However, ordering a physical account card will incur a one-time fee of £4.99.

Alternatives to HyperJar

While HyperJar offers unique features like creating financial jars and earning interest, it may not be the complete solution for everyone. Here are a few alternative budgeting and money management apps:

  • Mint: This app provides budgeting, bill management, and credit score monitoring tools, helping users manage their finances in one place.
  • YNAB (You Need A Budget): YNAB offers a comprehensive approach to budgeting and also includes goal tracking, debt management, and financial planning capabilities.
  • Emma: Emma connects to users' bank accounts, tracking spending and savings across multiple accounts, and offering a wide range of budgeting tools.


HyperJar is a unique money management app built around the concept of budgeting with jars. While it is not suitable for everyone, especially those seeking more sophisticated features or residing outside the UK, it can be a helpful tool for users who want to improve their budgeting habits and save money through retail partner discounts. With a user-friendly interface and the ability to earn interest on jar balances, HyperJar is worth giving a try for individuals looking to build better spending habits and gain more financial control.

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