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The periodic table is a table of the
chemical elements
arranged in order of
atomic number,
usually in rows, so
that elements with
similar atomic
structure (and hence
similar chemical
properties) appear in
vertical columns.It is very useful in science studies so if you are in need of the complete element image see it above

Can you explain the controversy surrounding transition elements, actinides and lactinides?
Spottykay Publisher
i cant but can u break d words cus i cant find it in dictionary
You talked about the periodic table, all the words I mentioned appear on the periodic table too.
Spottykay Publisher
i recognized them as symbols
Yes the symbols also represent something. I purposely asked this question to urge you make a meticulous research on a subject matter before publicising it. It often subjected to questions which you the author may be obliged to answer.
Spottykay Publisher
ok tanks for test
I dont leave scratchs, you must answer it to have a better expirience
@Sir-Phil, correct this little mistake; the fourth group on the periodic table is called "Lanthanides", and Not "Lactinides" as you wrote under explanation of controversy.
May be, you didnt check it very well.
@Spottykay, we are expecting your answer.
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Spottykay Publisher
wait do you want me to explain lanthanides and actinides
Yes, and not just that alone, but the controversy surrounding transition elements, actinides and lanthanides.
You know there are four groups of the elements in the periodic table:
1. Main Group Elements;
2. Transition Elements;
3. Actinides;
4. Lanthanides.
But there is controversy surrounding group 2 to 4; you are to explain the controversy.
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Exactly, I would want us to play a game. Spottykay ceases to make futher post until you explain that. Failure to do so before Sunday 6pm, you must transfer 100coins to someone who does. Sure you love that Sam?
Spottykay Publisher
chai i'm in trouble,ok could it be this ai-air,wa-water,fi-fire,ae-aether,ea-earth please i need urgent answer before 6pm ooo
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@Spottykay, We are waiting for your answer, latest 6pm on sunday.
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You better get on with a meticulous research on that!
Spottykay Publisher
ok i swear not to lose coins but does it relates with this unknown researh Vanadium (named after
Vanadis, another name for
Freyja, the Scandinavian
goddess of fertility) was
originally discovered by
Andrés Manuel del Río (a
Spanish-born Mexican
mineralogist) in Mexico City in
1801. He discovered the
element after being sent a
sample of "brown lead" ore
(plomo pardo de Zimapán,
now named vanadinite).
Through experimentation, he
found it to form salts with a
wide variety of colors, so he
named the element
panchromium (Greek: all
colors). He later renamed this
substance erythronium,
since most of the salts
turned red when heated. The
French chemist Hippolyte
Victor Collet-Descotils
incorrectly declared that del
Río's new element was only
impure chromium. Del Río
thought himself to be
mistaken and accepted the
statement of the French
chemist that was also backed
by del Río's friend Alexander
von Humboldt.[1]
In 1831, Sefström of Sweden
rediscovered vanadium in a
new oxide he found while
working with some iron ores.
He chose to call the element
vanadium after the Old
Norse Vanadís, another
name for the Norse Vanr
goddess Freyja, whose
facets include connections to
beauty and fertility, because
of the many beautifully
colored chemical compounds
it produces. Later that same
year Friedrich Wöhler
confirmed del Río's earlier
work.[2] Later, George
William Featherstonhaugh
, one of the first US
geologists, suggested that
the element should be named
"rionium" after del Río, but
this never happened. Ehn ehn am i getting it
You are too far from the answer; you are off point.
This is another thing entirely.
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