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Josphat Ambuka
You and me are not Jewish
but now that Jews never received Jesus as the
the LORD JEHOVAH Must still remain faithful to
the covenant made to the Bible heroes of old
about Israel
You know Abraham
Isaac and Jacob
and JESUS being the only Messiah whom
everyone must accept,
now we belong to the Gentiles churches and
that is why our eyes have opened to the truth
and salvation in Christ Jesus,
but the Jews are still waiting for the Messiah to
but he already came!
so for us the gentiles we have only the window
at rapture,
During the tribulation the eyes of the Israelites
will open to the fact that Jesus is the only
Messiah and receive Him
And even so not many will make it
ONLY a remnants in the house of Jacob
only 12000 from each tribe to make a total of
the 144000 whose names were written even
before the laying of the foundation of the earth
a majority will be slaughtered by the anti Christ
and the war coming to Israel shortly after or
immediately after rapture
The war between Israel and Iran
that will involve
almost the whole world
and it will be horrible
leading to the signing of a false peace treaty of
7 years
and definitely this is after the rapture has taken
place and the anti Christ will sign or push for
the signing of this pact
but eventually when finally the Anti Christ will
enter the temple of God in Jerusalem and
declare himself God and stop the offering of
sacrifices in what Daniel described as the
Abomination of desolation or sacrilege then the
eyes of the Jews will finally open to the fact
that the Anti Christ is not their Messiah
but Jesus was and is
To them the Scriptures refer and tell them if a
man is in the farm he should by no means go
back to the house to pick his tunic and whoever
is out should not return home but to flee to the
hills to a place prepared for them by God in the

Confession is d 1st step to repentance
Gentility without a ability is worse than plain Beggary
Its better to surrender one's life to Jesus now before its too late; its going to be terrible during the reigning of the anti-christ, and the anti-christ is in the world already, as all of us can testify and the personality which is going to be used as the agent of anti-christ.
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