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¤ The word success is not just an empty word but it is a word filled  with great achivement, to be successful in life you need many things like (1)Determination: determination is one of the things that can contribute to the success of man and individual, without determination there is no success in life and this is what affect many of our youth, so much many of our youths plan without determination and this leads to failure in life, so to be successfull in life we need determination. (2)Plan: this adage says a man who fails to plan, plans to fail. This is trying to tell us that we need to plan in anything we do in life so as to be successfull. A man can not just wake up one morning and say he wants to buy a land without having  plan on what to use the land for either to construct or build, it will only take a useless man or a foolish man to do so.  (3) Dedication: we must be dedicated in what we do so that we will be successfull in life, you can say you want to be a footballer without you dedicating to it, you must make sure you always go for practise at all times not when you go today you will not go tommorrow, this bring failure to a man instead of success. (I pray and hope that we will be all succesfull as we work harder and nearer to our dream everyday. AMEN)¤

Those words are true.
Do u belive them?
sucess is destin 4 the pupil give the leaneage by nature.
Leaneage by nature or leaneage from God grace??

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