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Trained children under good parenting are good parents of tomorrow.

parenthood is neccessary to the society :D
True talk
You have some points there, but simply dont know how to put it LOL!
Well, I've helped him in editing it.
The idea he wanted to convey is that good parenting breeds good children and thereby becoming good parents in the nearest future.
Everything revolves round  child-training.
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Weldone Paul, its much clearer
Alright; you're welcome.
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Pleasure is mine.
Now, a notable question:
If you see a parent who is lamenting about a child and he/she is saying he/she has tried his/her best on his/her child, but the child is still proving sturbbon; can you say what is wrong or what are the factors that could be responsible for such sturbboness?
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Maybe eyebrows will be raised about any of the parents' youthful records, the child could be a replica of his parents
Hmmmm, wise talk: l love your reply; you realy think deep to give that answer, which is number one of the three main reasons.
Second reason may be that he/she has failed to follow rules of child training. l mean, child training has process: what you need to do with your child at the age of 6yrs cannot be done successfully at the age of 8years- Proverbs 30:6.
Third reason may be that it's ochestrated from the realm of darkness; that is why parents need to be praying for their children.
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I'll look solely forward to my wife for training our children. Am not sure they would be better off with me alone!
Child training needs the co-operation of husband and wife: it's 50/50 assignment for both husband and wife; but each has his/her roles to play.
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There are certain things I find a bit difficult, spanking is one of them. Maybe she would be effective in such aspects.
And fathers are always good in that aspect;anyway, there are some men who dont take it serious.
To cap it all, its not good to spank all the time.
Beating should be once in a while; because making it much turns a child to a stubborn one; but note: abolishing it is an easy way of spoiling a child's life.
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Its hard for me. I may raise the cane but I can't hit anyone with it. I used to get students to do the dirty job for me while serving as a.teacher.
You make me laugh o !
You call it dirty job?
It's never a dirty job: it's a sign of parental (both biological and academic parents) love for a child; l used it on students, especially the stubborn and disobedient ones.
And mind you, l play with the same students immediately after flogging them, to show them that I still love them, but I dont love bad behaviour.
Please, dont take it away from your children totally; you can read the following Bible references to see how the Bible supports spanking- Proverbs 13:24; 19:18; 22:15; 29:15,17.
That 13:24 specifically stated that:
"He that spareth his rod(cane/whip) hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth(spanks) him betimes."
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