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 on earth, beneath d earth, and above the earth, Love is the only thing that defines beauty..

Chris Head Mod.
Nice one guys.... It does have a lot of definition. You just have to always keep in mind that it is the one thing that rules the world. It is the only thing that brings happiness to man.
Love is supernatural gift from God which is powerful&full of emotions,as 4 falling in love almost everyone has.
love is whts we cn do witout 
I cant do without luv
What do you know about it and Which one of you has ever fallen in love?
ariela8 Guest
Almost everyone
Love? God is love whosoever have love Has God in his or her heart..then love is passionate and re-buid fallen wall
love wld neva ask if u ar a m / f 1ce ur a human u must lov smthin
Love Is Stronger Than Death. y do i say so, u can love a person to an extent of taking any risk(s) at all 4 the safety of him or her even to the state of dieing that he/she may live
Love is wat u feel 4 some one
Luv means intimate relationship
love is natural rope dat ties on one person to another n make dem to interact with each other.
everybody has
love is what is keeping the world rolling
love is feeling in human being that make us happy.
Evryone bt luv hurts
What i know about love is beyond my expression as a person. It's far deeper than what an ordinary man can tell thus; i have indeed fallen in it and i an enjoying it today.
Always Real...
Love is life.
Luv is smtin u cant do witout just like u cant do witout air
hmm its sum times felt but undescribable
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Any1 dat doesnt 4llinlove is not a human bcos God who created us put love in us.
Love is selfless(love is not selfish); love is considerate; love forgives easily; love never dies; love never fails; love never forsakes in any condition or situation; love does not overreact when offended; to cap it all, love is the fulfilling of the whole law of God.
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love can make the ugliest become the most beatiful
Witout love der ix no frindship
Love is captivating and affects emotions.
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love semple mean when u find ur self doing what is diffcult 2 ur fellow human.
love is when some one throws a rock at u,instead of throwing a rock back  at them u throw them flower
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.

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