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Is Life In Campus Different From The Life In D Society? Bcos To Me All Are D Same, What Is Happenin In D Campus Is Happenin In Our Society. I Need More Views On Dis

If you ask me, I'll tell you life on campus and life in the society are a little bit in contrast. Look at it this way, when you are in school, even if you come from a well trained and descent background, You begin to portray some characters which you yourself do not understand where you are heading to. Life in the society or at home precisely, you are guarded by parents and relatives and if you are cautious one, that alone frightens you and makes you to be yourself. But on campus? The reverse is the case here, everyone is a boss, gangster of his own, one-man-squad! You are not under anyone's influx and so live freely and exhibit any life at all that suits you. In conclusion, I think life on campus is different from life at home or in the society.
I like citing my own examples in matters for clarity sake.
When I gained admission into Ondo State Poly,Owo(1999), l paid for a bunk among students in the hostel;l lived among them for just 2weeks after which l decided to relocate to town,because the place was dangerous for me:l forgot about the money l paid for the bunk and ran to the city to rent a room(boys' quarters); l stayed in the room(in the town)for the rest of my study years on the campus.
Ask me why l left students hostel;the kind of life those students were living was so dirty,having s3x with girls in the hostel, drinking alcohol, doing a lot of rubbish;l couldnt bear it again. l thought within me, "if l stay long here, mischief can befall me" & l would be corrupted by those students.
The highest level of crime is found on the campus: cultists are there, drunkards are there.
The only thing l did then was preaching the gospel to those students for change of life & God realy used me to bring great revival down into their mist b4 l left the school.
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The great question is, will they ever listen to you?
Oh Yes, they did in my time; God arrested their minds.
ln fact, whenever l entered class (in the morning before lecturer comes in) to preach the word of God; I would tell all of them to bow down for prayer, immediately they would obey.
l didnt know how God was doing it, but l just discover that no one was able to stand against me; there was a day l got to class and there were rascal boys there, they were murmuring, but they could not shut me up. Any time l entered the class, l was free to pray and share the word of God with them.
The key is that you need to pray a serious prayer before confronting them.
This revival l'm talking about spread to the whole department through me, to the extent that every morning all the other classes took morning devotion when they saw what God was doing in my class.
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You must 've completed your mansion in heaven with these singular act of yours.
Do not mind me, but its a fact!
God knows all things and I have not told you anything about my missionary journeys; but you know what ? I have not done anything yet;
all glory to God who gave us power to do it and l also know you are doing great overthere.
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Yeah, by His exceeding grace I am
I pray: God will sustain and empower you for the work of the ministry.
The bible says: "....the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits."
Daniel 11:32.
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