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Creative writing involves or is all about writing a story to illustrate a peculiar or popular saying.e.g cut your goat according to your cloth, a stitch in time saves nine, one man's meat is another man's poison etc.It is used mainly to develop and test the ability of students to freely utilize the vocabulary, idioms, and figures of speech that they have acquired.

How to Write a Creative Story.
¤ Content.
l. You are expected to write a story or an account of events that illustrate the saying you are given.Do not write a story that does not or partially illustrate the given saying.You are expected to write a story that actually or completely illustrate the saying.
2. Your story may be real or imaginery, but it must be credible and believable.If you want to write an imaginery story do not let your content consist of what cannot happen in the world, but it should be based on happenings in the globe.

¤¤ Organization.
l. Your story must have a regular, organized and interesting plot, l.e sequence of events.A well organised story must have a beginning, climax, and conclusion.Don't form a disorganized plot.    2. The events in your story must relate to one another.
3. Your paragraphs should be fully developed and your ideas must be effectively linked.Each event in your story must accomodate one paragraph and well composed with good, standard, and updated grammar and puntuation mark.Let your ideas be arranged ordely.
4. You can make use of dialogue in your story effectively to make it good looking.

¤¤¤ Expression.
1. In story-telling or writing, your linguistic ability is very important; your vocabulary should reflect the appropriate atmosphere of the situation you are writing on in your story.
2. You are expected to write a mixture of long and short sentences. 

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