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Hello, Good day. I'm emjay288{a website designer}, i just want to share this issue with you. There has been and will continue to exist ladies who loses their virginity in their young age,people believe that the hymen of woman breaks in terms of s3x.Though, its right but most of the time, ladies have their hymen normal due to the smallness of the man's genital part.which shows not all ladies with hymen are virgin. And most time, ladies loses their small layers{hymen} due to lot of streching exercises.
Meanwhile, men shouldn't get the believe that their house wife is a virgin.Lady can be known as virgin through;
Their character,
Their way of life,
though most ladies get harsh after all sort of harrassment with men, therefore character of ladies don't work sometime.
The best prayer to request for  is that,God should choose for one.
Men believes that their isn't anymore virgin in both ladies and men, the fact is that it is a big lie. I would continue this topic in my next post due to lack of more space,   thanks

There is virgins in this world, i am dating 3 virgins for the past 3 years till now without doing evil to them but truely it is not easy as a girl to be a virgin, and that was why among the 3 virgins girls i am dating one broke up her virginity with her school mate, due to i felt it wasent the right time and secondly we are far till now, but i dont mind because it isnt her fault, truely they are virgins that exist but the world is evil. If i found a virgin in the body without finding a virgin in the soul then i beter marry a prostitute by changing her life to be a virgin in the lord again, remember Mary Madaglene was a prostitute but when she found Jesus, she became a new virgin in the eye of God, that was why she was the first person the bible recorded ever to see Jesus rose from the dead, a virgin in the physical body without been a virgin in the spirit and soul of the lord is more worst than Jezebel the greatest witch that ever live, as i said, i rather marry a prostitute and change her to be a virgin in the lord, than to marry a virgin who is just a virgin in the body but not a virgin in the soul. And i know many will ask why? You may not understand because we were not born the same day and so we will not die the same day...
@ mjay288, do you believe that a man's joystick can be so small that it can't break the hymen after penetration? That's not possible.
Also, its not only joystick that can be used to disflower a girl; a girl who has been thoroughly dealt with with fingers and still claiming she's a virgin is deceiving herself; so many ladies have disflowered themselves (with their own fingers) longtime ago and still claiming they are virgin; once the hymen is broken, the girl is disvirgined.
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Yes its true
Sam, I didn't mean a man's joystick can be too small to break the hymen but there are ladies who harrasses themselves with young boys of their area.I knew a lady in my area who do have s3x with a boy of 8,will you now say the boy joystick is enough to...
@mjay288, I can now understand you, you're right; but l wonder how a mature lady can do such a thing with a small boy: that's child abuse: and l wonder how a boy of 8years can have errection.
 Well, many things are happening in the world; may God have mercy.
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