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As you can see from the title of the topic that the Boko Haram are threatning to kill the kidnapped school girls if the search for the kidnappers persists. What should the federal govt. do or what can you advise them?

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Dis is babaric,a state of confusion,Only God can help oo.But i advise dat de search shuld continue.
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Ehn. Is that what you will say? What if the girls are killed and they still can't find the kidnappers.
Twitter & IG: @iam_made4impact
OH! My God, i will say dat de govt should just wait for a while and watch de so called boko haram.
I Suggest That The Govt. Should Continue Their Search Without Letting The Public Know With That Means No One Will Know About The Search But If The Boko Haram Finds Out They Wil Kil The Girls So This A Different Kind Of Case But With The Presence Of The White Army Am Sure They Can Do Something About It May God Help To Girls To Survive And For Those Who Are Already Dead May God Let Your Spirit Rest And Heal Your Family.
Children all over the world calls for the realease of the abducted 300 Chibok girls today as they celebrate the childrens day. The children parliament spoke their mind and their feelings towards this unprecedented babaric and coward act done by the bokoharam, and i believe their voice are been heard by the goverment as we all pray for the release of our sisters who are in the bush suffering for what they do not know about, i just seek for their release just as Mama Peace < Patient> First Lady of Nigeria also do, as she had said ''dont call me patient, call me 'Mama Peace' my heart is breaking for the bloodshed down the stream'' i hope we dont lose hope but keep still to hope and i believe our sisters shall return back alife to us. Amen. May God save and bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The search should continue but the govt should be careful
I think the primary aim of kidnapping those girls was to train them to become fulltime Islamic terrorists. I dont think any dialogue would bring them back. Their minds are made up!
mehn..dis is baffling to me i tink d govment shuld continou d search bt more carefu dis tym.God will bless thier efforts
The Nigeria Military had said, they do know where the abducted school girls are... what is the next action?
The Nigeria Military had said, they do know where the abducted school girls are... what is the next action?
Those bokoharam are really heartless.In my own opinion, maybe the govt should provide free visa for everbody because the bokoharam can't perform that in another country nd is this same country that all this catastrophy is happening and the matter of soka is another one but we thank GOD that it is not more happening ''ALLAH AKBAR SAVE US''.
The government should continue without public knowing so they may rescue alive
The search should be continue, i urges the Fed,Gov to be very carful and with God help nothing will happen to our girls.
Dis so called boko haram dey re heartless well  d  govment shuld b very carefu while carin out d search
what will bokoharam gain if they bomb the whole nigeria and still live in bush.the search should continue because they are some politicians dt give information 2 boko haram.they just want to ruin the ruling of goodluck but God we help him.i just pray that boko haram will rot in hell.because those girls are suffering
i tnk d fed. Gov. Should continue with d search with serious prayers. In due time i pray those gals wil be releasd
i heard 4rm a frnd dat anda 20 gals wre kidnpd 4rm chibok skul.

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