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Mr Paul
The rule of the game:
One person posts a question on either synonyms or antonymns and another person answers the question. In addition, the person who provides answer must ask his/her own question with the same post: all questions and answers must be on synonyms and antonyms.
START ===>
What is the synonym of illumination?

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You tried and very close to the answer. The most suitable synonym is "lighting" or "light". but you ought to post your own question after giving your answer: directly with the same post of your answer, according to the rule of the game.
Now, ask your question.
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What if I asked you to explain this statement; "She kept on living in the illuminating darkness of the nunnery"
That is against the rule anyway; you are to ask question on synonyms and antonyms.
That statement of yours is an irony figure of speech; because on a normal ground, 'illuminating' cannot qualify 'darkness', in the sense that 'darkness' cannot illuminate.
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Good, and that's the most reason why I would have loved you make a directly opposite statement to the one above.
  We 'll be taking this game to another level.
But it has to be straight-forward statement.
If I want to say the opposite of the above statement; l would put it as "She kept on living in the gloomy light of the nunnery".
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Excellent! Now what I wanted to get from you was to indentify the  Phrase "illuminating darkness" so you can get its complete opposite
 Now, you 've earned yourself the chance to ask yours
Thanks; I realy understand you.
What is the most accurate antonym of 'Deterioration' ?
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Any of the following can be an antonym of deterioration, depending on how and where it is been used. "Construct, develop, build, improve, get better.
None of the words you produced can be taken as antonym of deterioration.
The first error is that all of them are verbs and you cannot take a verb as antonym or synonym of a noun(deterioration is a noun).
The second error is, the last on the list contains two words, which has secondly disqualified it, under rules of grammar and examination condition.
To get appropriate antonyms and synonyms, you must first look at the the word's part of speech and give answer according to that.
The most appropriate antonym of 'Deterioration' is 'Amelioration' .
After that you can pick 'Improvement' and others.
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