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Is It True Dat As A University Student Any Lecturer Dat Did Not Graduate With First Class Will Not Allow U To Graduate With First Class? As Many Students Say In School.

That's not true! It is never true. Except you had personal problems with the lecturer in question. Not every lecturer in my University was a first class but people graduate with first class every year from there. The last convocation, it was recorded that fifteen students from nine colleges graduated with their first class untouched. Except you don't know your rights, any lecturer found doing that must face the law along the entire Department and the University at large!
This question is true and also not true. Why it is true; in some university there is no law that go against the activities of the school officials, no matter the situation or the effects and that part can be look at the eastern side of Nigeria. Some University at the eastern part is not a field to pass out knowledge and right instead it is a field to gain revenue for selfish sake, at the east any lecturer can give you condition which you must obey before getting what you want and that area can be focus more on the female and why because they are the ones that is more preferable than the male. Infact the eastern system of education is very poor and no one is ready to press on any issue affecting the student be it male or female. A lecturer can do over do on any student at the east and that student can not make a move of action or he/her will be expel, so therefore it has become a method by the male to bribe lectures so as to pass their exams and get first class, while for the female it has increase to the extend of using what they have to get what they want due to the condition they found themselve. But at the western part of the country Nigeria, education and right is cherished as life and there is no denounce of right neither is there force to impose order without command. For example Universities like Universty of Ibadan, University of Lagos, and Obafemi Awolowo University etc are known has ground of competition and freedom to right. In these mentioned Universities are recorded as the best University in Nigeria and in list of Africa best, especialy Obafemi Awolowo University, which had produced great students such as Wole Soyinka, present Governor of Ondo 'Mimiko', Labaga the Art and culture Musician, the present Acting Governor of Central bank of Nigeria 'Sara Alade' etc. Not just that they are known as the best in producing the best but they are also known as ground of field wheras right and freedom of expression are been granted and honoured to student so as to aviod all form of over power and dictatorship. So no lecturer, Professor or the Vice chancelor can threaten your right by refusing to give you your first class which you deserve but if only you deserve it. Even as an IGBO BOY i prefer the western education to the eastern system of education. And why it is recognise as the western education in Nigeria is because the west is the first place education was introduce durring the period of colonialism. ''Goodluck to all Jambite candidates preparing for CBT''
Wow u hv every good  point
Well, but all the same, I think it's better to graduate from the University with a third class that you can defend successfully when the need arises than a first class which you can't defend it WHY? because you yielded to bad affluence of lecturers and friends whom have no ambition. I am aware that students don't work for results these days, but if there is any hardworking one, his/her results shouldn't be tempered with no matter what; But if so, it is not for the University to decide, both the University, the lecturer in question and the department should be sued and the whole University would be brought to book. That is why no University would want it's image tarnished by such lecturers and opt to counter such act when it comes to their notice before time!
u ar right

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