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Sometimes you might be wondering what else could be so bizarre beyond what you have seen and heard.
But little did you know that the mysteries hidden deep down the rabbit hole is far-fetched.
Every year, scientists discover new species of human neighbors (animals).
And with this ever-increasing list of animals, there are some animals that will surprise anyone they could ever exist.
Postingday top5 strangest animals on earth include animals with scary looks, good dancing skill and those with dazzling anatomy that violates the human standard of normal.
1. Star-nose mole (Blind Mole)
The star-nosed mole is a functionally blind animal characterized by its twenty-two pink appendages which rings its snout. These appendages contain above 25,000 minutes Eimer's organ (sensory receptors) acting as touch organ.
The Eimer's organ also allows the mole to smell even under water; a function thought to be impossible in mammals.
2. Yeti Crab
Kiwa hirsuta is its real name; Yeti crab was the name scientist dubbed it.
This animal which was discovered in 2005 in South Pacific Ocean famous for its pereiopods being covered by a substance that looks like fur (silky blond setae).
This decapod's eyes is significantly reduced, so, it is considered blind. The silky blond setae contain filamentous bacteria which can be used to detoxify lethal minerals from the water emitted by the hydrothermal vents where it lives.
3. Walking Fish
The striking thoughts of a walking fish would surely sound bizarre to a lot of people because we all grew up with the ideology that a fish cannot walk. But let's blow your mind with our discoveries.
Axolotl which is also known as Mexican Walking Fish is not a fish but an amphibian. This neotenic salamander is used extensively in scientific research due to its ability to regenerate limbs.
Scientists are tirelessly searching for ways to regenerate human lost limbs which is applaudable; could give hope and happiness to people especially soldiers who lost their limbs in war.
The axolotl is however feared to be going into extinction due to consequent water pollution in Mexico City where it is found.
4. Cantor's Giant Soft Shelled Turtle
A turtle with a soft shell? exactly what we thought when we discovered this.
Our crucial questions were, how will it defend itself from predators?
It is astonishing thou that this world's largest freshwater turtle is an ambush predator and primarily carnivorous, feeding on crustaceans, mollusks, and fish; seldom eats aquatic plants too.
The turtle spends 95 percent of its lifetime buried and motionless, with its eyes and mouth protruding from the sand. It surfaces only twice a day to take a breath and could lay about 20–28 eggs.
5. Superb Bird of Paradise
Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise is strange not for its look or features, but for its distinctive ability to dance.
If you are a bad dancer, download videos of this dancing bird to learn some good moves.
The female is known to be dominating than the male. There is a huge margin between the population of male and female. The scarcity of females results in a fierce competition between males -- the best dancer takes the girl.
A female rejects about 15-20 suitors before consenting.
This fascinating species can be found in New Guinea.

Which of this animals left you gasping for fresh air?  🙏🙏🙏🙏🙆😼🙏🙏


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