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As you know that NECO is coming very
soon and This is the right time for a serious
students to start preparing for the NECO 2014/2015 examination. Starting on time
ensures that you do not have to spend
sleepless nights preparing, because you have
left too much to cover near to the NECO
exams. So, if you want to increase your
chance of success in NECO 2014/2015,
this is the time to start preparing. Remember,
NECO will set questions in all topics in the going to a lesson that does not
follow the NECO syllabus is as good as
staying home. To make things easier, I would
be helping you guys that are serious about
getting admission this year The following
subjects are some of the question you will
receive for now...
english language
agric science,
for further enquiries, you can contact me on

Nigeria system in Education is geting poorer; i dont believe anybody is unserious but it is the country that are making it look unserious and dificult for people . No mater the help you give to people ,the country will not support them. Nigeria has turn Education into an Oil buissness. In this country Nigeria ,hence you know no body or you have no connection,you may not get into the institution of you dream. Your country is corrupt so therefore it has affected the system of education. Most time i dont blame any student practising examination malpractise because it is part of corruption that is also learnt from the corrupt Leaders.
The country has made Education so difficult for the masses and its citizens, just last week the Ppt Jamb results were out, and it was claimed by the goverment that majority failed ,while minority passed. But it is a big lie ,you cant tel me that out of 1.1milion Nigerians that registered for Jamb, majority of them are Iliterate. The govt purposely drop down many people by failing them wickedly,maybe due to the high rate of unemployment or due to the high rate of graduates that are been produced in a year. But that is a total wickedness because i dont believe any Nigerian is illiterate, i can even say and boast that the undergraduates citizens of this country are more inteligent and qualified than the Goverment @ the top. Most of the Goverment are iliterate & ignorant, which majority of them are from the North sponsoring "Bokoharam" to be a threat for these nation in our Education sector. That was why the Moto of Bokoharam meant ''WESTERN EDUCATION IS SIN'' the kidnaping and killing of innocent Students who dreams to be a leader tommorow are been perished in a day is the out come of difficulties and poor system in our Education following next by unsecurity... According to Prof'wole soyinka' he said and i quote: ''Our generations are wasteless ,while your generation are hopeless.'' what he meant when he said that our generations are wasteless was that "the people of his age are wasteless because they did not wisely made use of what the goverment was investing in them both in the Education sector and in Agriculture sector" and now your generations are hopeless ''because the goverment are not ready to invest on the youths and citizens" and that is we are hopeless,............. At first i doubt but now i no longer doubt ,for every goverment are after their selfish interest and not after the country interest. Most of the killings and kidnaping of students @ the north do not affect any of the Goverment Family so why do you put your hope in them when you are already hopeless just as Wole Soyinka had said, so i advice put your hope in God..........and dont depend on these country system of Education..........May God save us from these country.
Our government takes money as a too priority, imagine a place like Maiduguri; Several JAMB candidates lost their lives on their way to the last written JAMB exams.   
It is unbelievable, take my state (Benue) for example, in some Local Governments, even unborn babies are staffs, why? Politics! Once you are from a family that has a good political background, you are safe. That's where the Senate president is from. There is nothing good I can say about our government because there is nothing good about them. Thousand of bitterness I can never exhaust. May God deliver this our woed generation! 

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