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Mr A
When a couple of years ago
JAMB introduced online
registration for its then UME
examination, a lot of Nigerians
were happy. This was because
JAMB online registration made it
easy and convenient to register
for JAMB examinations. That is
why we think that the
requirement by JAMB that UTME
2012 registration can only be
done ataccredited centres is
Reports from various
prospective UTME 2012
candidates suggest that one
cannot register for JAMB UTME
2012 without going to an
accredited JAMB registration
centre. We also visited the JAMB
Registration website and saw
the instructionRegistration
can ONLY be done at
Accredited Registration
Centresboldly written.
This limitation negates the spirit
of the internet. The philosophy
behind putting services online is
to give people easy, fast, and
convenient access to services.
One can from anywhere, at
home, in the office, or even
while on the move access those
services using any appropriate
Accessing services online also
provides privacy. For example,
why should I trust a cyber cafe
attendant to keep my
information (which could
include email, name, photo, and
phone number) private? What if
my data enters into the wrong
hand like stalker who could start
stalking me on Facebook or a
spammer/scammer, who could
start sending unsolicited emails
and SMS.
So, by creating a 'walled garden'
through her so called
accredited registration
centres, JAMB has denied all
UTME 2012 candidates the
convenience and privacy that
the internet gives. In fact, JAMB
might as well remove the
services online and just direct
UTME 2012 candidates to
designated centres were they
will fill paper forms. I bet you it
will even be faster that way.
There is no point having a
service online if I have to go to
a specific point to access the
service. It does not make sense
to me. That is why we call on
JAMB to avoid such nonsensical
registration method for JAMB
UTME 2013.

A Better UTME Registration

We understand why JAMB
wants to accredit business
centres involved in UTME
registration. They want to
ensure that UTME centres have
the right tools and to protect
UTME candidates from
exploitation. JAMB also wants to
closely monitor registration
centres. However, all these can
be achieved without denying
me my right to privacy and
convenience on the internet.
The solution is to have two
types of accounts: a personal
account and a business account.
A personal account will only
allow owner of such account to
register only a few people say
from 1 to 5 candidates, while a
business account will be
targeted at the so called
Accredited centres and they can
register unlimited number of
This solution enables JAMB to
monitor registration centres without disabling people who have the tools and knowledge to complete UTME registration at their own convenience. This
solution or a complete reversal is worth considering by JAMB for UTME 2013 registration.
What do you think?

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