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After going through the comments of 'Sir Phil' i came to realise that it really deserves to be honoured and approved. The month of 'May' is a special month and season in his life and just as he said, the day of his birth is the same day and month of Manchester City Midfilder 'YaYa toure' not just that but a month of joy and happiness, he also commented the encouragement given to him by this site, the love and the compassion this is enough for his will to be granted at least for the month of May which signify a wonderful and splendid month in his life. The month of May is not just a month but more than a month, because it was this month Nigeria fully become a democratic Republican country i.e May 29, it was a month and time the whole Africa and Nigeria ever looked for untill it arrived on the year 1963 May29, a month the wishes of our Motherland was given to us, a month we were fully given independent, a month that made every ruler in the nation to become a ruler without threat or command but with honour and such rulers are not just a rulers but leaders by name Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafawa Belewa, Obafemi Awolowo, Samuel Akintola, etc so why wont 'Sir Phil' be granted, why wont it be honoured. The month of may is a month to be unforgotten in my life, remember i released two topics concerning the month of 'May' which i titled ''MAY 1996 A MONTH TO BE REMEMBERED'' and  ''MAY A HAPPY MONTH IN MY LIFE''. The month of May is the fifth month of the year, which signifies the word 'GREAT' with five letter words, and sooner it will be proved to this site to be a GREAT site as 'Sir Phil' request will be granted, for the Member/Topic of the Month of May be ammend together.. Congrats Sir Phil you really deserves to be honoured because you have done more for this site, you have laid good example for this site, you are a genius to be remembered and unforgotten in this GREAT site Easynaija...

Yes 'Sir Phil' the request you demanded has been approved by the management of Easynaija. And remember you said if it is granted you will give out 200 naria recharge card to the person who will forward your request, so now i have forward it and it has been recognise and honoured, that is to say your request as been honoured in Easynaija and it will be history to be remembered for this site and mostly for the month of your birth, but i cant wait to get my prize from you.....THANKS...
Yeah I Support Her She's Right You Have Deserve To Be Honoured But Do Not Forget Her Prize.and Am Waiting For You Guys To Give Me My Birthday Gift In October Am Looking Forward From Recievong From You Dont Fail Me(hahahahahahaha)you Realy Deserve To Be Honoured
When did i become a girl, why am i always refer to as she. Pls i am not but a guy..

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