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Why do people regard male children than female in most families?

Male children are more regarded to female because though they are both children and responsible to family affair most likely female but to put into consideration a family without a male is absolutely incomplete mainwhile the moment the father who is the head of the family is no more,there is full posibility of his home been empty afterall all the female children must have been married and departed to various this,the importance of a male child to the family i think cannot be over-emphasised.
simply, male childred are mostly regarded for perpetuity of thier families existence.
Bcus the male child are d 1 dat bcom d head f d family
Because they are expance their through reproductive.
Because there are the next of kin
Because there protect the name of the family
From creation,Adam was created,and Eve was made from Adam.
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@Pnewman. Really? Do you think it is enough reason? What importance do males have in families?
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Male do have more responsibility in th family etc.
Bcus GOD made it to b so adam was first created befor eve
male re d king in velage
they re the head of the family
Bcos male children are d contuenity of thier families.
the reason is because male children carries the family name from generations to generation and so the family name and heritage does not die.the female will surely get married and their surname which is the family name will be changed to the husband name and they wont be able to fulfil the purpose 
Because male children represent the family after the death of the father which is done in every generation, tell me  is it when the femal is married that she will represent the family? that means that the family has come to an end.
Without male in a family, d name of d father will be vanish after d departure of d father
Without male in a family, d name of d father will be vanish after d departure of d father
male are important because there are the successor of there parents
Male children are more conductive
Because they bear the father name
Because they are d opomulero of the family when the ladies have gone to their husband house nd beer another family name you know she is no longer full part of the previous family.
male children stays behind to keep the family'legacy while the females are married to other place.

They will be the head of the family, y d female ones will go to another family and will be called the name of that family not the name of her father and also become a house wife
Cos they stil tak Care of their family despite d fact dat there ar married nd tk double responcibility on dm
Even beta dan women
In African,in yoruba tribe we all believe dat if a family does not av a male d family is incomplete.i'm not saying dat female children ar not doing well but d fact stil remains dat male children ar given more respect.
To answer ur question, In keepin family name, d male ar knwn 2 bear d family name 4 life, bt d female & her descendants stops bearin d name immediately she's married. d male's priority is wit d growth nd success of d family 4 life bt female jumps 2 anoda.
I'd wnt 2 end my views by askin u dis questions=1.Hw many companies av u seen name Mr. X and daughters? d ans's NONE, its always Mr. X and Sons Ltd. (2 Wos ur nxt of kin? (3 Wos d head of ur family? (4.Who inherits valuable&landed properties in ur family?

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