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some parents re just evil no matter ur suitation u most never sell ur child 4 money even if u re de poorest person on earth,either by marriage or 2 be a slave.Children re gift 4rm GOD nd dey have their own destines nd gifts so dont let dem go 2 waste

Well it depends also on how your parents were raised. If at all they were taught to sell their children or they themselves were sold out.
  Of course giving my daughter out to where she will be unhappy for eternity is the last thing I'll ever do.
Spottykay Publisher
sir phil do you mean if you were taught you'll do so
Fortunately, I wasnt taught so.
 So I see no need why I should make it a top priority. And I thank God for that!
Spottykay Publisher
Also parents should watch over the child but can parents sacrifice their childrens now adays specially to God
Yes, some parents can present their children to God for His service and some sell their children in many ways: some present their daughters as prostitutes in order to get money from people.
As said by Sir-phil, it depends on how you are taught/ trained.
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Spottykay Publisher
that's why parents need to give good examples to their children because if parent give/sell their child their child will do so
Oh Yes !
Attitude beget attitude and "one good turn deserves another".
The way you lay your bed, you will sleep on it like that.
We should be careful of what we sow in the lives of our children; "for whatever a man sows, that shall he reap also".
Let me tell you one example you can learn a lesson from:
A man who rapes a girl or forces a girl to bed; he may think he has satisfied his fleshly desire and may even forget it after some years; but one day, his own daughter 'may' be raped.
I use the word 'may' because, the daughters of such man need to pray seriously for God's special mercy; if not, that nemesis will fall one day.
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When you poke at someone, always remember that there are three fingers pointing back at you!
Unbeatable Truth !
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