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Which one of them do you think children prefer and why?

No one children prefer but parent prefer and why because of their own best reason but to me i will express that a parent will prefer his/her child in a day school so that their eyes will be upon them 24/7 and to know their movement, their good and bad.
A parent may also prefer their children in a boarding school so as to equip them with discipline from outside their home by making them to be strong despite them not be @ home also making them to mix up with people far from their home so that they can know more of the world beter and the world will know more of them beter, parent also do so to save time, stress and be able to feel as if they are alone maybe to aviod complaining, shouting or trobule etc but all the same no parent will want his/her child or children to be far away from them for so long.
Why i insist that it is the parent who choose the choice of school either boarding or day for their children is simply because its the duty of the parent to train them with their source and if they can afford any of the two they put their children into it but when the source is not available and a child request a higher and expensive institution what do you expect of the parent? So the best answer given is that it is the parent who choose and not the children but that does not continue when the child/children reached the stage of entering into the university for at that stage they should know what is good for them, it will be the duty of the parent to support and advice them base on their own regullar duty as a parent but what happen again when the source the children need to go into the university can not be provide by the parent? This are the basic fundamental reasoning we need to look into and forward in Nigeria and Africa as a whole including the world.
children prefer boarding school to dae cause they feel they can do anytin without their parents tellin dem wat to du
Some students are the ones who insisted to go to boarding schools not their own parents as some of the students want a free life, they don't want to be disturbed and prevented from doing whatsoever they want to do no matter how good or bad what they have been done at home actually is. I have known some of my friends who drop out of day schools and joined boarding schools for reasons like this, and majority of them do not like to study.
Students get to learn a lot of things in the boarding schools, which affect them both negatively and positively.
Spottykay Publisher
If D Child Is Stuborn Den Deserves Boarding But If A Gud Child Nd Parent Nids D Chid Den He/she Needs Day School
Sending a stubborn child to boarding school might make him worse! Though not in all cases, I would rather see a stubborn child stay with his parents than send him to Boarding School.

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