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We are all guilty

Day in day out, the average Nigeria is violated in such ludicrous ways that will induce any conscious individual to understand that truly, we don’t belong yet to the class of people for who respect is a necessary component of existence. Sometimes I feel that Nigeria is nothing but a zoo with us the animal running from pillar to post with no direction. No matter how hard we tried, we could never absolve ourselves of foolishness for being thirsty in the abundance of water; this piece has nothing to do with our yahoo, yahoo leaders, who are bereft of any ideas on how to move this country forward. Yes, we have political break dancers, who are uninspiring; we have unimaginative leaders who don’t even know why they are there to serve, who believe that leaderships start and end with how smart a thief you could be, and how they need to become gods others should serve, lick their ass and sing their praise. How can we ever free our conscience when publicly adulates the same creatures we accuse of derailing our country, only because they can afford to booze the whole town to hell?
There is a form of morality laundering that goes on when thieves who have looted the public treasury return to their villages to offer a few scholarships to the children of the same men whose efforts they frustrated and robbed with state power . this piece is not about the bad leadership we have been curse with, because from where I stand, these bad people are in no hurry to leave the stage, and by implication, that only means that these rot will continue; our poverty, frustration, stress will escalate; our hopelessness will always be on the rise. As their account swells, their future guaranteed, or so they think.

This piece is about you and me, who are as guilty as, we sit and complain endlessly about the rot we live in, failing to do nothing about our situation, failing to even making an honest attempt to do things differently, failing to accept that we the followership are just as guilty as the leadership.

You reading this, in what ways have you try to improve your environment or pimp the mindset of the people you hang around with? You reading this, do you believe in Nigeria or you of those who really don’t give a hoot about the direction we are all headed? May be you are the lucky few, who will relocate anywhere if things don’t work out for Nigeria; you have an option; that’s your excuse. Right? What about the rest of us, who have no option, are we investing in our instalmental death without knowing it? Among all the evil, we somehow have shown ourselves to be resilient or even impervious to the catastrophic conditions that has kept us dazed. We all continue to pursue wealth as a way of increasing our immunity against the daily fiasco of living in Nigeria. In reconsidering the game, we have spurned enough blame for our problem to cover the entire universe in this our alienable exercise to direct our affairs , but if we ask ourselves where we fit in this rather consternating picture, the honest is that we are all guilty.

We are guilty as charged for complacency in the presence of a moribund mediocrity. We are guilty for suffering and smiling and doing nothing to change the equation. We are guilty for allowing these yahoo yahoo leaders to oppress us and mislead us this way, because some of us are busy waiting for crumbs that will fall from their table in our direction. We are guilty because we are the problem with Nigeria not the leaders, after all, our leaders didn’t drop from the moon, they are full blown Nigeria too.

I have always said that this country will be redeemed by its exceptional youths, but the question is, are the youth ready? Have you considered the fact that there is little or nothing the leaderships can do when you, the youth wake in numbers to say enough is enough? In the beer parlor, on the side walk, from the parks to our private home, we keep saying we need a change, but how many of us are ready to ignite this change. Now, my guy, let me run the list for you, (a) how many of us pay our bills without bribing our way out, (b) how many of us pay our taxes, (c) do you obey traffics rule? (d) Do we tell our friends or relatives who are in power the truth all the time? (e) do we say enough is enough and stand by it or do we change our tone as soon as water don pass under bridge?, (f) do we still believe in Nigeria or have we given up on Nigeria? (g) How many of us accept gifts and contract from the same men we condemn? (h) Do you sincerely see corruption as offensive to your senses? (i) Are you truly ready for freedom? (j) Are you ready to pay the price or die instalmentally? Ask yourself if you are ready to change because that change must start from the people, only then would you be bold enough to confront your potorpotor leaders to retrieve your stolen future and readdress your present position in the scheme of things.

Great Nigerian youths, you have the power. Purify your soul and purify the land. Your word is power for the people, because I believe it is time to stop suffering and smiling.

I never finish o! What about over commercialization of religion that continue to threaten the ideal role of the so-called men of God as healers of the soul.

The anti-corruption crusade of our government, ICPC, and EFCC will be meaningless if we cannot, within ourselves, establish the highest criteria for moral character and standards, which then is collectively projected and suffused into our social consciousness and will as a universal good. We must as a people rediscover and mobilize our innate conscience on a higher plane for more glorious returns. We must, as a society develops the kind of radar that will provide early warnings when pestilence walks with smiling faces. We must decidedly deals with tough questions regarding ourselves and those around us, for only through this way can we truly familiarize ourselves with each other enough to trust one another.

Many of the Nigerian youths that I have met and from time to time synergize with, as much as my love pours out to you all, sympathizing with your stolen future, I will never support those who feel that yahoo, yahoo, 419, kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism, stealing, drug addiction, violence etc is an option in getting out of this mess. If any young person out there is saying that the only way to succeed in Nigeria is to be fraudulent and dishonest, I will then ask, how did Charly Boy make it?

Finally, great people of this country, this piece is not for everybody; it is for the few, who are sincerely pained, the few who are ready for change, the few who have told themselves the truth by finding out from the above listed, what role they have played in the our nation has turned; it is for the very few who feel, believe and agree that we can do better, so great Nigeria youths, the time has come for us to finally make it better. I am troubled by what I see everyday around; the country is looking like it is never going to get better. Our future lies in how determined we are. If you feel the way i feel about this country, I need you to write me, call me, visit me, lets connect; let’s find a way out of this mess, for two heads are better than one. It is better not to have a friend than to have one who is a thieving governor. Whatever you are doing and wherever you may be this very moment, just know that I love my great Nigerian youths. Let’s purify the land now!                                                   

I wish i would get to know Charly Boy in person and together with him we will create a change for our nation. Anytime he need's a voice to reach out to the people let him know i Austin Chika, is the voice of the voiceless and the mouth of the mouthless for i believe in my pen and not in the sword cause my pen is mighter than the sword, truely and emmotionaly stating down i had  want a change for Nigeria long time ago for you and for me and i believe one day that change must come for with God he will create a way where it seems to be no way, the change i seek is mighter than a revoluction and that i must fufill before my time pass as i pray God grants my heart desire's as the first step to reach out to millions of people, generations born and yet unborn and this i must fufill with the help of the lord. It always seems imposible untill it's done.

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