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If You Were Offered 1000,000000 To Be Given To Your Family To Be A Suicide Bomber Will You Do It?for Instance You And Your Family Were Dying Of Serious Poverty And You Were Offered That Amount For You To Bomb A Place And Your Self.question(1):will You Do It? question(2)will Your Family Allow You Question(3) If Your Family Does Not Know About It And When They Find Out Will They Be Happy?question(4)can You Kill Innocent People    If I Were The One I Will Not There To Do It Now Am Asking You Can You Do It? Please Answer The Above Questions

Well I think if that question were asked to an Igbo man, he would prefer to take the money and the family takes the bomb. But seriously, It's absurd to hear that: Suicide Bombing? What's your benefit? After everything, you are dead and straight to hell. What do you stand to benefit? It's so absurd, I can't even imagine it. Who would be that unreasonable to propose to me such an offer? Woe unto them that indulge in such act!
I have heard rumors that the children's day celebration tomorow is under threat of these unconsciously consciousness called boko haram. It's obvious that that would be there next primary target. The school children who would be out to celebrate their day. May God cause confusion in their camp. They will not see the children of God to massacre!
So I Pray Amen Thanks For Your Reply God Bless Keep Your Replies Coming
Its only a foolish man that will die in his own glory and not in the glory of God, what will he gain after dying and without enjoying his labour..
All The Same Not Benefits
Hahahahahaha Really Funny Igbo Men Loves Money So Much To The Extent Of Killing Their Families But Am Not Too Sure That They Will Do It Because No Matter How Much You Hate Your Family There Is Still A Bond That Attracts You Together Or Am I Wrong?
Becarefull! I am an igbo guy, dont make mockery of us. Thank.
Boko whatever: boko foolish people.
I wonder why a human being made in the image of God would imagine that he will make heaven after he has destroyed human being like himself; do you believe that, that is their none-sensical belief?
They believe they would make heaven with their wickedness.
No human being can see the favour of God by destroying God's handiwork.
May God Himself destroy totally those callous boko haram in Nigeria.
Lives are being wasted in this country every year due to the operation of those wicked animals who call themselves boko haram.
Let us pray for this country.
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I wonder where they get such impression from. They choosed to be illitrates and so, refused to read the quran on their own but focus on selfish interpretations of those who inspire them to foolishness!
That is religion fanatism and spiritual blindness.
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I'll rather die first than strike such bargains!
Foolishness in the highest order !
But this devil is so wicked and so cunny.
And l so much pity those people dying through their wickedness. At times its as if l should be crying because of people dying in the north on this.
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ahh igbo is not up to that extent
Whether Igbo or Hausa or Yoruba, human beings are human beings and it griefs my heart when l people suffering and dying; if l have personal and physical super power to confront and capture those animals called boko haram, l would have done so physically, but l pray that the Power(the Power Of God) that is greater than all other powers will capture them and excommunicate those devils.
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Only God knows what they want
They dont want anything than to intentionally destroy people's lives.
What they are doing is not possible/easy for normal human beings: for example, if you see danger coming, will you not run?
Imagine someone putting bomb in his body and getting ready to blow and scatter any time; not even thinking of the pains and where their souls will go after the death.
Don't you know that these people are satan's incarnates, sent out to kill and destroy?
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people are so wicked but may be they've did something to those peoples brain
But am not sure they are doing it with a free will. If only they were wise enough to open up for the truth!
Well, whether free-will or not; there is no ignorance in the court of law. They must have already possesed the intent of killing people in them before they obey such callous command.
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what i heard was that they said they kill for allah
They believe that by so doing, one will find favour in the eyes of Allah and possibly make heaven
Mumu people, foolish people !
How can someone kill for God; God want them to destroy the works of His hands?
How can someone find favour in God's sight by destroying God's work?
Dont they know that satan is using tactics to use them for kingdom of hell?
How can you say you want to obtain favour from someone and you now go the person's house with bulldozer and you begin to destroy the house?
In fact, the owner of the house will arrest the evil doer.
They are blind and dogmatic.
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the only place i knew they failed was when they went to prophet tb joshua church but they were captured
God will never allow them to succeed again in this country.
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Sam, If you do believe that Allah is God/Jehovah, the Father of Jesus Christ, then I do not agree with you!
Did I tell you that?
I didnt say anything like that in my posts.
I cannot be so foolish to call the muslim idol the living God that l'm serving.
And moreso, my name is now Mr Paul; I know Samuel is my father's name, but call me what I changed it to, as I've changed that already.
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But I thought you said we can still call you Sam coz its also your name. Besides, I know you now, not that am gonna follow normal chat protocols but I'll try to change that.
whats the difference between allah and God
Allah is the muslims' deity, while God remains as God or YHWH.
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