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Pulling Your Own StringS
By Samuel Tomiwa
Everybody can achieve a happy and fulfilling life if indeed he or she decides to take full charges of his or her own affairs. The ancients phillosopher Epictetus wrote in his “Discources”: “No man is free who is not master of himself”. Ralph Waldo Emerson also said in his works “self reliance”. “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself”. Never place total reliance on anyone other than yourself when it come to guiding your own life. Have your eyes wide open so that you can size up situations as they arise. Go into every situations expecting to attain your goals. If you let others fight your battle for you, you will just get better at evading your own lights and reinforce your fear of being yourself. If you allow your families and friends to pull your strings, they can pull so hard , some time in different directions that they tear you apart.
Self confidence is paramount in everyday living. If you lack self esteem , then you will look to others for a verification of your esteem and this create a problem. Your self-worth derives from your inner self. You must believes in it and act accordingly. Being effective simply means that you apply all your personal resources and use all available stategies  short of stepping on others to achieve your objectives. No one in this world can hurt you unless you allow it. If you have guaranteed that everything will be alright before you take a risk, you will never get off because no one is promised the future. We should developed fear challenging behavour. You will never know what it feels to get rid of a fear until you risk behaviour that confront it. We shouldn’t gather experience from books alone but also from life experiences.
Why should you run your life on the basis of what others says? People will still gossip about you wether you say a thing or keep quite. So, why stiffle yourself to avoid gossip or rumours? Whatever you do people will talk about you. It is unnessessary to bother about others peoples opinnion about you unless you believe that their jaundiced views on you are more important than your own self image.
Accept to live with the situation you cannot change. You can never change the weather or your age. Time moves on its certain pace wether you like it or not. The world does not owe you a living or a happy life. Optimise the present circumstances and make the best of it. Do not cry over spilt milk. Never waste time on empty regrets. William Chakespeare alluded to the folly of consuming ourselves with the past in most of his plays. At one point, he admonished that; “what is gone and past help should be past grief. Things without remedy should be without regard. What is done is done. “positive people learn from the past. They do not live there. Move forward to future with hope”.
Life demand courage. Courage means flying in the face of criticism, relying on yourself, being willing to accept and learn from the consequence of your choices. It implies believing enough in yourself and in living your life as you choose. Lao Tse warned: Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner. Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars. Samuel Johnson counselled: “Great work are performed not only by strength but also by perseverance.” John Mason stated: it takes the hammer of perseverance to drive the nail of success.” Our greatest joy is not in never falling but rising every time we fall.
We should not be discouraged by unfair criticism: . Albert Einsstein once cautioned: “ Great spirit have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre mind.” Blind conformity leads to nowhere. It is better to die for something than to live for nothing. Eleanor Roosevelt advocated: “the future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams.” What happen to you is not really the issue, but how you react to situations which confront you. Challenge your constraints. Actions speaks louder than words. One effectives deeds leaves more impression than a thousand words.
We must learn to say “NO” when appropriate and stand by it. Be firm and full of conviction and your wishes will be respected. Your family is your best company. Be like a friend to your spouse, your children and other members of your family. Whatever your tight schedule, devote time to enjoy your family. Enjoy every moment of your life. Remember Walt Whitman’s famous line: “To me every hour of the light and darkness is a miracle. Every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” Appreciate everything you encounter along your path. Enjoy the flowers. Tune in to the sunrise. Drink it all in rather than waiting to get to a perfect point where it will be alright  for you to relax. We should stop evaluating happiness on the basis of achievements and inteads look upon the whole trip of life  as something to be happy about. The best idealogy is contentment and avoid the rat –race mentality that cripple the joy of living.
Success is a journey not a destination. The whole of life is a continuing journey full of challenges. We should keep an open mind and turn around any adversity on our way. Winston Churchill expressed: “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” As we aspire to reach the apex of our dreams, we should maximize every situation we find ourselves. And most importantly, we should strive to live our life mainly on spirituality, that is, to develop our spiritual nature to the stage whereby every pictures of life will be glaring to us. To be candid with you, spiritual people are the smartest, richest, and most influental people of all time. Never joke with your spiritual life. And after every toil and work of life, it is your spiritual home that you would return to. So therefore, Learn, read, practise, attend seminars, go for extra classes, never be contended with your present level of knowledge, blaze the horizon, learn financial education so that you can be financially free.   

Samuel Tomiwa is an aspiring Author and Motivational speaker\ business Tycoon.
You can read more of my blog @     

In fact, you have lifted thousand pounds of burden off my heart !
What a awesome and inspiring speech !
God bless you and your well of knowledge will never run dry.
We shall rejoice together at the top !
I am blessed !
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