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Mr A
There are thousands of businesses to choose from. A lot of them have been tried and proven successful by others. But as you read on, you will understand that it is not the business type you choose that determines how successful you are. How then can you decide on the right one for you? It is quite simple. Choose a business, as you will select a cap or a pair of shoes.

What is the most important consideration when you buy a pair of shoes? Just one: Do they fit? The best cap will be useless to you if it does not fit your head. The same thing is true of business to a great extent. If the business does not fit your particular individual personality and preferences, chances are that it will prove useless to you as a pair of shoes that squeezes your feet. To choose a business, here are two rules to follow:

1. Do not decide on a business because it seems like a sure bet to make money.
2. Select a business because it will involve doing the kind of work you like to do, in the kind of environment you prefer and among the sort of people you enjoy being with.

The key to success in business or any profession for that matter is enjoyment. There is a great chance that you will not succeed in any work you find consistently disagreeble. Try to imagine a super salesman who does not like selling, or a surgeon who cannot stand the sight of blood. As they say, one man's meat is another man's fish. Also, everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, it will live its whole life believing that it is silly. We are all endowed with different talents. Mr A can go into a particular business and make a fortune, while Mr B would crash in less than three months if he takes up the same business under the same conditions and with the same amount of capital. This has nothing to do with me or my username.

One may be enthusiastic about a business and therefore be able to immerse himself into it, while another may find the work involved distasteful and boring.

No Business Makes Money

Yup. It may sound like BS but it is true, in a literal sense. A cutlass cannot cut down a tree. At least not on it's own.

If a child and a middle aged farmer are both given a cutlass and a tree, who cuts his tree down quicker? Will the child ever cut down the tree?

So you see, it is not the business that makes the money but the man who runs the business.

If a cutlass is a tool for cutting down trees, a business is therefore a tool for making money. It is how you use the tool that matters. The business you select should meet these requirements:

1. It should involve the kind of work you love to do.
2. It should have you do that work in a place you enjoy being.
3. The people you would associte with (mostly customers) should be the sorts whose company you prefer.

After filtering your choice list using the three points above and you still have more than one choice of business which you love, consider this one last business requirement.

Finally, and truly the least point: The business you choose should harmonize with your financial objectives. If you are ambitious to get rich, you should select an enterprise that has a big potential, otherwise choose the one you love the most if your goal is to supplement your income or improve your regular stream of income.

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Thanks for the eye opener.
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