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Mr Paul
Have you tried hundred times and hundred methods of achieving a goal?
It's not over until it's over.
Have you been called a failure because you loosed many times?
It's not over until it's over.
Failure is a stepping stone to success.
I've never seen a successful man/woman who have not failed at one time or the other.
The difference between a perpetual failure and a successful man is that a man of success refuses to remain in the valley of failure.
Thomas Edison performed experiment on how to discover electric light for one year and one month, until one day(after that thirteen months), he put a filament in a vacuum-sealed bulb and light sparked; that was the begining of electrical light.
There was electricity, but no electric light; he then became successful in making electric light(bulb) through tenacity.
What a determination !
It's not over until it's over; your success is not over until your time is over on earth; your success is not over until your determination to succeed is over.

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Another good example can be seen in the life of Rtd Gen. Muhamadu Buhari, our president elect tried many times and failed but never gave in, until success came his way.                            Victor Moses also had similar case, lossing his parents at a tender age of 11yrs but determination took him to where he is today. It's not over untill its all over. Only death can put an end to your destiny.
Yes, "He, who wants to eat honey which is inside the rock, will never look at the edge of the axe".
Determination or Tenacity is the ingrident that makes the soup of success palatable: its the sugar in the tea of breakthrough.
This helps a lot in achieving one's goal in his/her career.
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This post remind me of some people i know who are successful and how they are before being successful.
Rome was never built in a day, what about prominent names like Ben Carson, Barrack Obama?
  All which seemed to be impossible was achieved via hard work and determination.
Winners never quit and quitters never win. Road to success is always filled with obstacles; it takes those who are brave and determined to make it through.
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Spottykay Publisher
if one gave up that he/she cant achive it it's a very bad thing
The Bible says "if you become weak in the day of problem, your strength is small".
We do know the brave in the battle front.
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