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Mr A
Here's a complete guide to owning and running a pepper farm in Nigeria with little capital.

Pepper farming is very profitable if you know your way around the agriculture sector. It is not expensive to startup, assuming you already have a farm. Everyone knows that the best product to deal in is something that the vast majority of people use on a daily basis. A good example of that kind of product is pepper. This spicy fruit is consumed by practically every household on earth. It is small, easy to manage, grows quickly and you will never run out of customers.

Before you begin your business plan, you have to decide on what specie of pepper to cultivate. Go to nearby markets and do a market survey to see the kind of pepper the market women prefer to sell. Here are a few that are very commonly consumed in west Africa.

1. Cayenne Pepper: It is everywhere. I can safely say that this is definitely the most common type of pepper in Nigeria, Guinea and west Africa in general. It is also called 'Red hot chilli pepper' or 'Guinea spice'.
In nigerian markets, it is most commonly seen and sold in its powdered form. Nigerians call it "red pepper" or sometimes "grinded pepper". It is used for cooking moderately spicy dishes and for general non-stewy dishes like jollof rice.
A great advantage of this kind is that it can be stored for a long time in it's powdered form which is why is is found in jars in many homes.

2. Bell Pepper This one is also very common in Nigeria in its natural form. Many Nigerians call it "fresh pepper" because it hasn't been dried or grounded. It is mostly used to prepare stews and sauces because it has a milder and more natural taste to it when compared with the Cayenne pepper. It also grows in three different collours; red, green and yellow, so it may help to identify the colour you are going to cultivate.

Black Pepper / Cameroon Pepper: This specie has a reputation of being spicy hot. It is unique in the sense that it's natural form is a little black ball that looks like a grain of corn. Black pepper is usually used in small quantities because of its spicyness. It is used to prepare spicy fish and meat stews and soup, an exanple is the Nigerian pepper soup.

There are also white, green and pink varieties of the black 'peppercorn' as it is called which is widely grown in China and India. In fact, the black pepper originated from the Malabar region in India, so I have no idea why Nigerians have given it the name 'Cameroon pepper'.

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