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Mr A
The dry cleaning business is one of those businesses with high profit margins. Recommended for entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their own.


There are two ways to run the laundry business. You could either be the "wash man" or the "dry cleaner". You see, it is not all type of clothes that can be given to the dry cleaners, and it is not everyone who can afford to pay for dry cleaning. By becoming the local 'launderer
' of your neighborhood, you can put big dry cleaners out of business.

How To Start a Local Laundry Business

If you have ever studied at a Nigerian university, you would have seen, heard of, or encountered a man (or lady) who goes from door to door collecting clothes of students to wash and return later. Your only concern is that they return the clothes clean, you wouldn't really care how they wash them.

The truth is, most of them wash the clothes by hand (which is okay if you have the energy), but you would be better off getting yourself a small washing machine, that way, you would be able to wash and return the clothes quickly.

This business is very lucrative, particularly in urban areas where house helpers are in short supply, and the husband and wife work often. Even if the wife does not work, she may be unable to wash clothes for the entire family.

How To Get Started
What you would do is go around your neighbourhood from door to door collecting people's clothes to dry clean, alternatively, if knocking on people's doors would be intrusive, you could decide on a certain slogan that you would say when you go into each compound so the residents know that there's a dry cleaner around. You could even have a uniform of your own.
 Also, you should decide on how you want to classify the clothes you collect according to houses or apartments. One way to do this would be to get plastic bags, one bag for each house. Then before you leave each house or compound, tag the bag with a label to help you remember.

Income and Profit Potential in the Dry Cleaning Business

All you need to do is set a rate for each item of clothing you wash. You could set a rate for ironing as an option, if they need the cloth ironed. You should however make your prices cheaper than taking them to a regular dry cleaner, otherwise there would be no economic advantage of using your services.

As long as your asking price is incredibly cheaper than the expensive dry cleaning houses, you are sure to give them a run for their money. In Nigeria, you could charge around N100 per item (shirt, vest, underwear, socks e.t.c) to make it affordable for even the low class citizens. Your price could be more or less, it depends on where you live.

If you are shrewd, you can build this business up to a stage where it out places many dry cleaners.
 Good luck.

Jalingo Businesses.

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