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Mr A
Warren Buffet became one of the richest men in the world by investing in small but promising businesses. These businesses then went on to grow successfully, making Buffet and other investors millionaires in the process.

Another wealthy investor is Mark Cuban. In 1995, he invested in a business called Four years later in 1999, Yahoo took interest in this business and bought it for $5.9 Billion making Cuban a billionaire. He is currently an investor in the Dallas Mavericks (a basketball team), Landmark Theatres, Magnolia Pictures, Shark Tank (a TV show), etc. Idealy, the more businesses you invest in, the better your chances of making it big.

Investing involves the financing of small business ventures for ambitious and able people who lack the capital. As a financier, you do not lend the money; you invest it as a silent partner, and may or may not take part in the operation of the business. If the business becomes sucessful, the financier collects his agreed share of the profits without lifting a finger, and the profits may continue for a lifetime. If on the contrary, the business fails, the investor loses his investment. Think of it as a legitimate form of gambling. In effect, the investor bets his money on n individual's future. That is what you do when you buy shares in companies.

You do not require a lot of money to become an investor. If a business can be started for say $1000, and there is someone you know, a friend, relative, or a fellow employee who needs that much money to start a business about which he or she is enthusiastic, you too can be a financier. All you have to do is put up all or part of the money, he does the rest. If they win, you win, if they fail, you lose.

By and large, the risk involved in being an investor is no greater than if you put your capital into your own business.

Starting Out As An Investor

If you already know some honest, capable young person who is burning with ambition to start a business, and needs capital for it, then your task is easy. but if you do not, you can create an ad or tweet about it or even just tell anyone you meet. If you create an ad or post it on your social media account, your post should look something like this:

I have $1000 to invest in a business
Do you have a proposition? Send details to insert email here

Create a new email address for this purpose. This way, you would be able to easily sift through all the emails and pick the one that seems the most promising. What ever you do, just do not give your house address or phone number to anyone, you may be overwhelmed with phone calls to the point where it would seem like you are being wanted by the feds. Many of them would constitute a nuisance. Emails are better; you can study them at your convenience and reply only those that interest you.

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Thank you very much sir for the enlightenment.
Only one problem here is that trust is lost nowadays among ourselves.
For example, l have two business proposals and plans, but none of the people l've informed to invest has responded and no capital yet.
If you know any of those who want to invest in a lucrative business; please, let me know: you can please, help me on this.
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