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Mr A
As the state of petrol scarcity in Nigeria worsens and crude oil production in cities in Benue are halted, the number of roadside petrol black marketers looks to be on the rise.

Many unemployed youths have taken advantage of the situation by turning to roadside petrol hawking as they have figured out it is a avenue to make a quick buck, making three or four times the amount of money they paid for the fuel. Some petty traders have also ditched their primary businesses and turned their roadside stalls into part-time black market petrol depots.

These stalls can be identified by small transparent 5-litre gallons filled with fuel and displayed at the front. The black market petrol hawkers sell these gallons as much as N2,000 which translates to N400 per litre.

This is expensive, but probably better that waiting in line for hours at a filling station, engaging in mini fights with other queue members and probably risking your life when you have other things to do.

How much was fuel sold in your area today? Do you sell fuel to your neigbours? How much profit have you made so far?

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I do nt buy from black market but all the same, fuel was sold at an average price of N140 per litre.
  No Mega stations are open, some big earners are managing at a price tag of N130 per litre.
 [color=red§Don't forget, am talking about Benue State[/color]
It is #130 presently
Panchaze which state is that happening?
Kaduna state
It will end soon. I give you till Monday.
Mr A
Mr A Admin
As the Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) have suspended the petroleum product strike since monday (May 25th, 2015), many petrol stations have resumed selling petrol at N87 per litre.
The road side hawkers, on the other hand, are still present. There still seem to be quite a good number of people patronising them though as some people cannot bear to struggle with the massive crowd at the various filling stations.
The only question now is whether the black marketers still sell at outrageous prices or if they have slashed it down to a reasonable range considering the current situation.
Follow @JalingoHQ on twitter.
That which you just stated,
  #87 Naira per litre?

 It is still not feasible in my state up till this moment, I bought fuel this evening at a price tag of 140 Naira per litre.
I read it on social media through a post made by someone that Buhari will reduce the price of fuel to #40 naira. Who has heard about this?
I 've heard that crab too.
  I so much believe that the price of fuel will be reduced but not as low as 45 Naira per litre.
The best I can ever think of is 70-75 Naira per litreg
I have not heard it from GMB mouth but from someone's post on facebook. Even though some people have predicted that it will be reduced to the level they assumed, sometimes we predict and it does not come out the way we assummed but let us put our eyes and see to what level it will be reduced. I pray GMB will reduce it to #25 ;) ;)....That day would be a rejoicing day to us

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