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Lord Moses
How do you promote Clickbank Affiliate Program with PPC Pay Per Click is perhaps the most effective way possible to promote a ClickBank affiliate program. Sure, some people make money writing articles. Sure, some people make money on SEO. However, in general the affiliates who actually make money via ClickBank via pay per click. What are the secrets of success? Read on to find out. Secret

# 1 - Choose a high converting, high paying product Choose a product that has at least 20 points in the Gravity score. Let new products that do not test, especially if you spend money on traffic. Many people are afraid of promoting products The reality is that you can break into the market, even if they start but as a beginner in the 20 "more than satisfied." "Saturated" -. 50 Gravity range is very good place to start. Avoid the 150+ Gravity until you are more familiar with PPC.

Secret # 2 - Search Original Angles Trying to bid on terms like "weight loss" is financial suicide. But what about the offer to "Treadmills" or "Tips for jogging?" The idea is to try and keywords that you can get on the first page for less than $ 0.20 cents per click. In less competitive markets, you will be able to get tons of traffic through major keywords. Unfortunately, in more competitive markets you need to be creative. Come out with different angles to it. Look for people who are looking for the same thing your product offers, but is likely to enter a different keyword.

Secret # 3 - Accurately Tracking A little known secret in PPC affiliate marketing is that nearly all start winning campaigns and losing campaigns. If you make $ 100 back only $ 60, which is actually a winner. From there, optimizing your ads and landing pages to constantly increase your CTR and conversion rates. It may cost you $ 300 at the beginning, but after your first test, you can find a campaign you make hundreds of dollars a month to have complete autopilot. Each super affiliate test their campaigns closely. Follow all on a keyword by keyword level. Use only one keyword per ad group. Write a unique ad for each keyword.

Secret # 4 - Different PPC Networks The first place to start your test is Google AdWords. Start with Google Only your test. That means no content network or partner networks. See how your traffic converts only on Google. Then if you are profitable, expanding to the partner network. From there mirror your campaigns for Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSM Ad Center. Only when you have setup these campaigns, you should experiment with content network. Content network comes last, because the traffic is minimal oriented and tends to put the worst. To sum up, if you have a product with a good success rate and choose a good payout, find unique angles to facilitate start AdWords expand it carefully track and test, then chances are you have a very solid chance building a large PCC campaign.

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