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Mr A
For the benefit of people who do not understand the term, Blackberry backlight is the light emmited by your blackberry screen, and backlight timeout is the time taken for your screen light to go off after you last touched it or pressed a button.

Keeping your blackberry timeout low can really do wonders in saving battery power. Your choice of backlight timeout depends on how you use your blackberry phone. If you only use it for short tasks like sending emails, using instant messaging services and receiving push notifications, then you may need the 10 second or 20 second timeout. On the other hand, if you use your blackberry phone for longer tasks like using map services and playing games, you may need the 45 second or 1 minute timeout.
Note: Playing video clips does not use the backlight timeout function. The backlight stays on for as long as the video plays. Playing sound or music does obey the backlight timeout.

How To Change Your Blackberry Backlight Timeout
Navigate to Options > Display > Screen Display > Backlight Timeout.
Then change it to the value whichever one suits your needs. The lower the time, the better the battery power savings. Press the menu key then save.

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