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Kingdom: Animalia

 Gorillas are multicellular heterotrophs whose cells lack cell walls and tissues form organs and organ systems.

Phylum: Chordata

                        Gorillas have 3 germ layers, a well developed coelom, a segmented body, a single nerve chord, a closed blood system, a closed digestive system, and an endoskeleton comprised of bone.

Subphylum: Verbrata

                        Gorillas have a vertebral column that is part of a bony endoskeleton that has muscles, appendages, and a cranium. They also have an inner and outer epidermis, a digestive system with advanced organs, a heart with 4 chambers, and a blood system that uses hemoglobin.

Class: Mammalia

                        Gorillas have 3 middle ear bones, the hammer, anvil, and stirrup, hair on the outer epidermis, and the females have mammary glands that produce milk.

Order: Primates

                        Gorillas have separate and highly mobile radius and ulna in the forearm and tbia and fibula in the hind leg. They also have an opposable hallux and pollex which is commonly referred to as the thumb and the big toe.

Suborder: Haplorrhini

                        Gorillas have paired downward directed nasal openings, an upper lip that isn’t attached to the nose or gum and a high brain to body size ratio.

Family: Hominidae

                        Gorillas have robust bodies and well developed forearms. They also have a large braincase and their te

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