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I hv been tryig to change my 2go phone number but ve got no solution! Any info pls call me on +2348162610710. Thank u

Chris Head Mod.
There is no solution. Retrieve ur old phone number or create a new 2go account.
You've spoken well Mr Chris.
Now talking about lost sim retrievement, u need to do a Welcome Back Sim Replacement.
 To begin,
*Buy a new Sim Pack,
*Get these information- Ur name, Phone no. as well as PUK and SIM numbers of the Old lost sim and those of the new Sim.
*Then contact your customer care agency line. Dial the care line below depending on ur network provider:
MTN: 180
Glo: 121
Etisalat: 200
Airtel: 111

DO THE ABOVE IF U LOST THE 2GO SIM but if not, register 4 a new 2go account
Alrigt, thank u guyz; I'll give it a trial, one more tym. Marvisdby uh? Thanx
i have problem with my tecon t35 i cant download on and if it download it would not support the 2go app pls help me
What phone model do you use?
the model of my phone is tecno t35
China or Original tecno t35?
it is original tecno t35
Chris Head Mod.
Download from
but is writing app nt supported bt is tecno t35 a java phone
During your downloading from the official site as stated by Chris, did you use 'All' or you found ur tecno t65 among the phone list, also did you encounter any difficulty besides what you just said?
i downloaded it from 2go site and i cant found any "all"or an opition to select for my phones model
Chris Head Mod.
Ok, do you know the file extension for the other apps on your phone? Is it .jar?
Also, make sure the file has a proper extension, because some downloaders may download the file as 2go_jar and you'll have to use a file explorer to rename it to 2go.jar
it is nt downloading 2go.jar but is downloading tecno unknown app
yemite, The "All" is an app page where you can download the app on ur phone even if ur phone model wasn't among the list. To view the all page, log on to, in there you'l see:

2go  Chat with friends,
              Meet new people

  Download 2go
    Version v.3.7.3

  Get Help
Pls do click on Get help or use Download 2go to search for the "All" download page.
am having same problem with yemite but my phone is china nokia C3
Joybabe, is your china C3 already configured for downloading?
i cant found the select "all" or for the model of my phone pls is tecno t35 a java phone
Chris Head Mod.
@Yemite, go to the file, click options and check the file properties. What file type is it?

I don't use a tecno phone so I can't be specific.. Just go to the unknown file you downloaded and check the file properties. It should say whether its a JPG or MP4 or JAR file.

Also are the other working apps on your phone .jar apps?
it is jar app n i am having the same problem wit d order app too
Yes yemite, it is a java phone. And the bad part is that its a tecno java. A friend of mine once tried downloading 2go on his tecno java but it was displaying same error info with yours. I'll see what i can do about this. But for now, that's the least but not the last i can do. Please be patient so i find a suitable solution to this 2go downloading error on tecno t35 java phones. Just don't worry dear, Soon, I'll be posting a topic on this.
Chris Head Mod.
it is jar app n i am having the same problem wit d order app too

Which other app?
I mean other apps apart from 2go that you use on your phone what file type are they?
hmmm....yemite, Something just came to my mind- I think the reason why even other apps or files have same error in your downloads could be due to wrong set of your phone's manual settings as well as the internet configuration settings. Please do Check your phone internet & manual settings carefully and observe if there's an error in the settings or something missing. Or if possible, do have sum1 elses tecno t35, go to his/her phone & internet settings then compel it with urs. Something missing i suggests.
all the settings on my phone are correct
Chris Head Mod.
Um it doesn't have anything to do with settings. If you don't know what file type your phone supports then I'm afraid I can't help you.

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