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Head Mod.
Download 2go Mobile Chat on Tecno T605 and other Tecno Mobile Phones / China phones

Many Tecno users will agree that most Tecno mobile earlier versions are limited in terms of software compatibility. One of those softwares is the almighty 2go mobile chat.

Although, while the newer versions ('N' versions) of Tecno mobile phones have 2go already pre-installed in them and running smoothly without errors, will old tecno users be left to gnash their teeth in regret? NO! Thanks to, we have compiled a 2go application that will work on old Tecno phones! HURRAY!

What You Need To Do:
Simply download the modified 2go application from the link which I will provide below, then login to your 2go account and start chatting with your 2go friends.

Download Link:

BIG NOTE: You must download this software from this page! Do not save the link or else it won't work properly... This is because the individual 2go software files are synced with our server and clicking the download link will compile them into a .jar file..

Thanx, av downloaded it and lauched it but it says incorrect username or password whereas av nt registered or sign up i need ur advice now can i sign up in caffe and start chatting 4rm phone.
Chris Head Mod.
Unfortunately, you cannot register from a PC, but there's another way around.... Collect someone else's phone and follow the steps below:

1. Download a fresh 2go from the 2go website: using the person's phone
2. Register on 2go with your friend's phone (make sure you register with your phone number)
3. Write down your 2go username and password on a piece of paper.
4. Login to 2go with your own Tecno phone.
5. Delete the 2go which you downloaded to your friend's phone.
I wil do as u say,thanx.
[quote:he is able author=Chris link=topic=349.msg694# date=26/04/2013
&lt;b&gt;Download 2go Mobile Chat
is it up 2 U
Am joking but it's true some tecno phones do not 2go
i want to download 2go for java tecno t605 phone
Thanks, this worked for my china phone :)
&amp;lt;b&amp;gt;Download 2go Mobile Chat on Tecno T605 and ot
Cool guy.
Working like a charm! Thnx
I like 2 download 2go, especially the latest version 3.5.7
I like 2 download 2go, especially the latest version 3.5.7 on my TECNO phone. It proves too difficult to achieve.
You are too much.
I never believed i would have 2go on this phone. My friends used to laugh at me bcos of my china phone but now I CAN 2GO!!! thank u chris.
It is FAST like usain bolt.
Thanks, this worked for my Tecno phone
2GO  for tecno T736
Why cant i 2go with my phone
Thank you 1 million times!!!!! Finally, i can 2go with my tecno!
Mr A
Mr A Admin
Hi arthom, this post covers all Tecno phone models. Did you try the process as described in this post? If you did, what exact problems are you having?
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Pls,i Want 2 Download 2go O my Zedd,(z510)
i wanna download d lastest version of 2go on ma tecno t605 phone

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