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Booster Feeds - Using "2go Ultimate Star Boosters" By Jalingo & youngkolzyy!!

Introduction: 2go is an application that works with *Chat*&*Stars*! Besides chatting to improve star progress, there are apps which speeds up star progress even when off-line.

Some of these applications or softwares may not work with your browser, if this be the case, do a 30mins research on the booster file that works with your mobile. A good search work within would help.

Jalingo's Booster File: We have been for a long time now trying to work out having a good working app for the site's 2go fans, but this chase has not yet been perfected.

Our 2go booster app is with the link:
Download Link!

There were compliments, as well as complaints from several users who tried the application on: "Thanks", "It's not working", Et-cetera.

I tested the booster app and it seems to work be it paid or free. Still Works, but I cannot guarantee if the app truely satisfies member's needs 100%.
For this reason and to put an end to booster complains, an alternative star booster application was introduced by a new member.

youngkolzyy's star booster: This new member have given us a new booster app that might help.
You can check on the application at 'Downloads page. FILE TITLE: 2go Ultimate Star Booster v3.8

Now we are having 2 boosters to go with. Try downloading both and see which app suites your need.

The new file can be reached via the below link:;down=37
Get It Now!!!

Please if you download the file and it displays "Error, Jar not supported, File/format not allowed, etc", was simply because the DEFAULT _jar format has not been changed.

Note: The file is in a _jar format. You must rename file after downloading from "2GO that change location+edit numb
+freemaster star progress v3 7_jar
" to "2GO that change location+edit numb
+freemaster star progress v3 7.jar
" for the app to be activated.

#Confirmation Testing:
To Confirm if working or not, use the app for 2days(48hrs) and check for boosted stars by logging in to your 2go account app on phone/system.


Feed Update Time: Sunday March 29th, 2015 At 07:46:19am! | This feed's copyrights is officially hosted by Jalingo Team.

Thats quite comprehendable, well I don't do much of 2go nowadays; as a matter of fact, am soon gonna retire from 2go.
Sure Sir-Phil, even I don't do 2go, I was never a big fan of it. Just that it good to share helpful tips to those in need (those who still do use the application).
Yeah, a lot here are gonna need it.
  Good job Netsela.
Heeloo wsp
We're Great & Running, Hope you enjoy your stay here with Jalingo!
#Micheal ait

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