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2go here I come

ken samoco Guest
Mr A:
Hi kolly, are you certain this is not due to network problems?
Dont waste ur tym. Jst go ahead and download 2go applicatn frm WAP.2GO.IM. And thats all
quot osadolor sophia i was there but it did not show anything like that,pls help me
It's all about looking fresh.
new account
See the topic's first page.
Pls can tecno T390 download 2go
Lekssy, Yes it can. Remember you posted topics on this same quest made by you, go back to those topics and see how to download and install the app.
Wizskillz Guest
Wizskillz Guest

Wizskillz Guest
Mr A:
Looking for help on 2go registration sign up? want to register new 2go account? Do you want to sign up on 2go mobile chat and start chatting with friends?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are in the right place.

2go recently changed their registration procedure. You no longer need to register from their website, instead, they have made it in such a way that you would need to download the 2go application first before you register. I have written everything in steps so you will not get confused.
There are several topics here which address the 2go issues like how to register 2go, 2go registration, 2go sign up e.t.c

Step 1: Of course, download the 2go mobile chat application from their official website or

Step 2: After downloading 2go, launch the 2go app from your mobile phone. You would see this message:
"Welcome to 2go
Chat with friends
Meet new people"

Click continue.

Step 3: In the next screen, you would need to select your country. If you cannot find it, you can just type in the search box provided. Click on your country.

Step 4: On the next page, you would be asked to enter your mobile phone number. Make sure it is correct! After typing your phone number, wait for a while for a green mark to appear beside the box then click continue.

Step 5: If you had not registered on 2go with that phone number, the message you would see is:
Your number 080xxxxxxxx is not yet registered with 2go, please fill in your details on the next screen.

Click continue.

Step 6: On the next screen, you should see the 2go registration form. Fill it carefully!
NOTE: I would like to clarify something that many people find confusing:
The first three boxes you would see on the 2go registration form would be for First name, Last name and Username.

So for example, if your first and last names are John Bosco and your username is JohnB2013, then:
- The friends you add via the 2go chat rooms or via add by username would see you as JohnB2013.
- Only the friends you add via mobile number and the friends who add you via mobile number would see you as John Bosco. i.e Your real name.
So fill in the 2go registration form appropriately.

Step 7: You must fill in all the boxes and a green mark should appear beside each one. When you have done this, click continue.

Step 8: In the next screen, you should see a success message saying:
"Your 2go account has been created.
Your username is xxxxxxx and your pin number is xxxxx. Please write them down and keep them in a safe place."

Do as they say and click continue.

Step 9: The next thing you would see is something like Preparing 2go which will load to the end. This only happens once. After that, you would be logged into the 2go mobile chat application and you can start adding new friends.

When you check your 2go profile, you would see Novice (if you are a new 2go user). This Novice tag is called a 2go star level, and each 2go star level has a progress box which loads or fills up gradually depending on your activity on 2go.

After Novice, you will progress to the 'Amateur' star level. This level will also load to the maximum point to enable you progress to the next 2go star.

The highest 2go star level is 'Master'. This is not easy to obtain under normal circumstances.... But there are other ways of reaching the Master 2go star easily... Just use the search feature on and you will find some posts related to increasing your 2go star quickly.

There are numerous options and settings in the 2go environment. Some of them are outlined below:

Right from your 2go wall, you will see functions like

- Friends (20/30) that is, 20 out of 30 people are online on your 2go messenger

- Add Friends (You can add friends from Phonebook, by Mobile Number, By Username, Meet Someone, Facebook, Gtalk and Mxit) which ever pleases you.

- 2go rooms (These are place to meet people to chat with and have fun) The 2go messenger room contains rooms like, Entertainment, Advice, Flirt, Faith, Hangout, Languages, Lifestyle, Music, Places (This is based on your state), Football room, etc.

- Active Chats. This shows the number of people you are actively engaged with. Those you’ve been chatting with and those who update their status.

- My Profile – Here is where you update your Status, Change your nickname and see your Star progress.

- 2go News – This is where all updates and News information from 2go files into. Updates on 2go Security, Latest News from the Admins etc

See: How to Download 2go and Chat with Facebook Friends

- Get go Credits – You need 2go credits to chat in some rooms and select more fancy themes than the default one just to beautify your messenger. They are very cheep too. 300 Go Credits cost only N30 (naira). 525 Go Credits cost N50, 1100 Go credits cost N100 where as, you can Get GoCredits manually my selecting a conjugations of maybe 1100 + 525 Go Credits which will cost like N150 naira. I always buy 300 Go Credits for N30. hehehe. You can tell friends to transfer some to you.

- Setting – Here is the spot to Change a whole lot of Settings on 2go messenger for phones. Below are a list of the basic things you can change here.

A. Change Presence – You can choose a presence here. The default is Online. If you are maybe busy, you can decide to manually choose AWAY or OFFLINE. This depends totally on you. When you are Away or Offline, you can still view peoples profile and reply to messages but your Status will appear OFFLINE. Well, its kinda useful sometimes when you want to get away from the NOISE.

B. Change Style – This refers to the Theme you want to use. There are a few bunch that are FREE while others are PREMIUM. Available theme’s category includes Competitions, Elements, Future, My Stylez, Spoooky and Tattooz. Maximum Amount of these Themes are 540 2go Credit which is a little over N30 and the sizes are 8kb.

C. General Setting – Here, you can Choose to Show Offline Friends, Show profile Pics of your friends or you can decide to show Friends on Start. All these will be determine by the capacity and speed of your phone.

D. Chat Settings – This is where you customize your Chat Experience on 2go. You can change your Text Colour (Default is Blue, Change to Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Maroon, Yellow, Purple “My favourite” and Orange). You can also change your Nickname which appears on your Profile and 2go rooms in the Messenger. Another section is the Live Edit, Text Size and Message Time. all of these are customizable.

E. Gateways – Just like the name is, Its the gateway to other platforms. You can link your 2go messenger to Facebook, Gtalk and Mxit right from here. I currently linked my 2go Messenger to my Facebook which makes it easier to chat with my friends of FB right from my 2go Application.

F. Alert Setting – Ok, want a little bit of control of your Alerts, here’s the place to do that on 2go. You can choose an Alert for Friends online, New Private Msg, New Room Msg, New Share, Msg in Window, Error Occurs, Invite to Chat, Added as Friend, Sound On or Off, Vibrate Setting, Sound Volume either Loud, Medium or Low.

G. go Shortcuts – This gives you some few short cuts you can use on 2go Messenger

H. Change Password – Here, you can change your 2go password. you will be required to provide the original Password and type a new one twice. After which you can hit the submit button as revealed by the application developed by

You can ask your questions below.
Joeyboy Guest
I don‘t know how to change my age and my username on 2go
okwesi Guest
am luv guys
okwesi Guest
am luv guys
okwesi Guest
am luv guys
okwesi Guest
am  luv guys
okwesi Guest
am luv guys
okwesi Guest
okwesi Guest
am luv guys
omoda Guest
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it is well with my soul and d soul of my friends God bless all of you
God bless nigeria
Please register me
Agbaye Guest
  :) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) ??? ::) :P :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'(
noblelyn Guest
My 2go app only shows loading without moving to where i wil sign up.
Jacob john Guest
Akpoerebo Shedrack:
I need 2go account
Want to register

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